Insider: Supermarkets Have Less Than One Day Supply Of Food On Hand

(Thomas Dishaw)  Most of you have read about or witnessed the chaotic scenes in supermarkets that ensued over the weekend due to the national EBT card outage.  In Louisiana barbaric savages filled carts to the brim after learning their accounts had no limits and could steal hundreds of dollars of food with no consequences.

Hopefully this was a wake up call to everyday citizens that preparedness is a strategy we need to be instituting in our ever so busy and chaotic lives.  I wish I had good news to share with our readers, but the situation at hand is way worse than one could ever imagine, this according to a supermarkets insider.

” Supermarkets and retail outlets are focused on ways to become profitable, so don’t be surprised that your local supermarket will have less than one day of food on hand” according to a source who works for a west coast powerhouse.

As companies continue to reduce shrink (a term used for waste in the industry) and look for ways to become more profitable, supermarkets have been forced to reduce inventory to levels that haven’t been seen in years, leaving consumers only a few days away from an empty refrigerator.  According to my industry source, who would like to remain nameless, “profits are very slim in the  industry and competition is opening up around every corner, so most companies have instituted an equation called sales to purchase ratio, where departments like grocery, produce, meat, deli and bakery are required to meet a certain threshold, usually 55%, meaning your purchases from the warehouse can’t be more than 55% of your total sales for the week leaving very little product on hand to sell to the general public.  Major supermarkets justify this strategy due to the advancements we have made in transportation over the years, where major players get a delivery every day and some of the bigger volumes stores in large metropolitan markets get up to two deliveries a day.”

I would like to think the EBT outage was not a litmus test by the social engineers to gauge the publics response to a catastrophe, but anything is possible as we enter the beginning stages of martial law and the ever-expanding police state.

It’s inevitable that one day we will be faced with a scenario of  this nature on a grander scale. Just imagine any disaster scenario, EMP attack, mega earthquake or civil unrest and you are not prepared. This would leave you with no choice but to venture into the chaos to find food and supplies for your family, only to find the supermarkets are closed due to not having any food to sell and the responsibility of keeping their employees safe from looters and midnight marauders leaving you to go home with nothing. Most rational people think that even though there is a catastrophe at hand the trucks will still deliver food to the stores. WRONG.  We live in irrational times and nobody in their right mind will try to bring a truck full of food into a city full of looters only to be beaten up, shot, or killed.

As we reported in October of last year, hurricane Sandy brought the east coast to their knees, affecting regions as far north as Maryland, D.C. and Virginia, and leaving grocery stores such as Safeway, Giant and Shoppers unable to deliver food for three days in the Maryland area leaving stores shelves empty. In January of 2009 we also brought you apocalyptic pictures of  a supermarket in Maryland where  store shelves were empty due to a catastrophic snow storm.  Just imagine the scene if there were a real emergency.



What happens next? After a catastrophic snow storm the Military has an open invitation to patrol the streets as we reported in 2009.

Hopefully most of us will never have to encounter this type of event in our lifetime, but  if we are being honest, the hour is quickly approaching and we are one disaster away from food riots, total chaos and Military patrolling the streets. Are you and your family making preparations such as purchasing storable food , water filters, gold, silver, choosing a bug out location and making the necessary adjustment to survive in this ever-changing world? If your answer isn’t yes don’t worry, they have a place where you can stay, your local FEMA camp is open and ready for your reservation.

  • Fresco Newman

    Yea, let’s all depend on FEMA so they can but us in a camp and kill us themselves! Sounds like a plan…on second thought…I think I’d rather die of starvation to say the least

    • TL244

      You don’t have to do either. Arm yourself to the teeth, and have an escape route planned, as well as a secluded place to go with your family, in case TSHF. Keep an emergency stash of food ready to load into your car or truck, and be ready to go on a moments notice. Join a free militia and be prepared to take back our country and our Constitution, from the scum that has illegally gained control of our country. The elections were rigged to the teeth, and Obama was NOT elected by an honest vote, but by rigged machines, and his dead-beat compatriots.

      • Someone’s been reading scriptures again. GOOD for you! Follow the law and the law protects! Oops, yeah, God’s laws… Man’s aren’t representing so many of us that this isn’t what we thought as the United States of America any longer. Everyone lives in fear, envy, gluttony, lust… It’s going to be a bumpy ride :)

  • jarhead1969

    The Italian Communist, Gramski, wrote before his death the strategy needed to defeat the West and America and to establish a world wide Communist Dictatorship. Gorbachev told the Russian Duma (legislature) before he stepped down that Russia was to see a huge and massive change, that all was for consumption of the Western Nations while they continued to prepare to attack the West while the West was asleep, but that they had adopted Gramski’s methods of preparing the West for its final demise. This method had been in play since the 1950’s and was nearing completion. What was that method.

    Gramski wrote that the West could not immediately be taken by force that first, before force is used, the West must be de-Christianized, that God had to be taken out of Society and peoples lives, then in time enough of the Western peoples would be “communized” many without knowing it, having then atheistic beliefs. When this was to be accomplished, and has now, then much of the West would be ripe for civil war and revolution.

    Abortion was the signal and successful attempt in de-Christianizing the West, here began the instilling of Atheistic and Communist values into society by feeding on their greed, ambition and love for pleasures, and ultimately their demand to be free of God. Next came contraception, pornography, now homosexuality, etc. We are now at the moment of Gramski’s anticipated civil war and revolution. We have elected into government Marxists, Muslims, Atheists, homosexuals, lesbians, etc, all in our effort to declare our “Liberty” from God and His commandments. Now we will pay the price.

    The Republicans have demonstrated nothing but threatre, their party is a collusion of fakery, war mongers, adepts of Israel, the bankers and big oil. The Democrats have long been formerly hijacked by the forces of evil, of Marxists, Atheists, Homosexuals and Judeo-Freemasonry which runs both party’s. The Republicans hide their intent for the most part, but the Democrats intentions are public and part of their official platform, being so, all those who voted for the Democrats have assisted in the commission of crimes against both God and His commandments, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, and contraception especially.

    Now we enter the final phase, America has been split in two, vice vs virtue, good vs evil, God vs Satan and the coming civil war and revolutions will be the most severe and violent in the history of not only America, but the world. There will only be one of two sides to take, no in between, no neutrality, no waiting to see which side wins, you will have to take a side and fight on that side to the end if need be. Now comes the attack on Christianity, which has already begun, but now begins to raise its head fully, now comes to be the line drawn in the sand and you must pick the side you will fight on, now comes the time when you are for or against God.

    God is going to let our enemies punish us severely for our sins, for abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress (which is now commonplace, even dressing our children like little girls of the street – so to speak), divorce, drugs, etc, but mostly for the abandonment of near 2000 years of true doctrine and faith, for the great “apostasy” now happening in both the Church and the world, even the hierarchy of the Church has succumbed to modernism and abandoned Christ. God will stay back, He will do nothing until His Justice has been appeased, and then, only then will He intervene and then all our enemies both foreign and domestic will be annihilated – so say the mystics.

    • mick

      But mystics got no proof of their god so I will blame the Bankers and the bought out politicians that allowed their looting and pillaging when the collapse comes.

    • Hp B

      A little (big) clarification is in order..

      The Italian (Jew) Gramsci.
      Hint: He’s an “Italian” when he’s bad, but he’s a Jew when he’s good.

      Hope that clears things up a bit.

      • jarhead1969

        Gramski – The “Italian Jew” was never “good”, he was a perfidious Jew from his birth.

  • frankenbiker

    I depend on no one. I depend on my marksmanship, and my AK-47, and the thousands of rounds I have stashed away.

    • Dean Malkowski

      Thank you for injecting a little levity into an otherwise somber subject by your use of the terms “marksmanship” and “AK-47” in the same sentence…

      • frankenbiker

        I thought some might get a kick out of that. Thanks for catching on.

        • It’s relative you know….one man’s six inch group is anothers death…..don’t have to be pin point to be effective.

          • frankenbiker

            My AK is able to hit in the black at 250 yards with iron sights, so I’m not bitcin in the least. For long range kills, I’ll. Use my M1 Garand.

      • jarhead1969

        Watched a video of a man taking a Wasr- AK 47 out of the box and on the first shot and all successive shots – hitting a man sized target at 400m. Also, many have shown an AK-47 to be “combat” accurate out to 600m.

        I prefer the M4 – sort of a carry over from my Nam days, but I have to admit the Ak-47 is much better in its accuracy than most might think.

        In Afghanistan a Special Forces unit came under attack – near all their M-4’s malfunctioned after a few hours of combat, they picked up AK-s and finished off the enemy. Sometimes practice and training can make up for a few shortcomings.

        For reliability, functionality, dependability, easy to manipulate, easy to learn, cheaper for ammo, etc, – for most – an Ak is better than a M4 -which needs much more time in training, although it is superior in some respects.

    • jarhead1969

      In 1215, the Albegenisian heretics in France, were raiding French villages, hamlets and small towns, killing all the Catholics they could find. The Catholics mustered 200 men on horse (calvary) and 800 infantry (which were near useless in those days against mounted). These 200 plus 800 Catholics, with little to no combat training, near no combat experience, faced 100,000 Albegensians, all horse mounted, all rough hardened combat experienced.

      The Catholics knelt down, prayed the Rosary, and attacked. 1000 vs 100,000. When the battle was over, the Albegensians were annihilated, the Catholics suffered 2 dead and 8 wounded. – True factual history.

      For what is shortly coming, it will not matter how much training, how much combat experience, how well you are trained and armed, that will decide the outcome. For those who are against God they will be left to their own designs, but those who are with God, they will get a much needed and supernatural help.

      Read: “St. Michael and the Marine” – a true story read to over 5000 Marines before they embarked to Korea in 1951, and understand that what is going to happen in our near future, and your individual survival, will not depend on your training, weapons, etc, exclusively, but on your positions with God.

  • Archie1954

    Well now at least, I know why the electorate puts idiots in Congress. They, themselves are totally insane!

  • There is a difference between logical adults and “adults” who aren’t such in the first place.


    Monterey – 1989 Earthquake centered not far from us. Me? I went back to work with my 3 and 6 year olds, yep, TO WORK. We had no power and were there for two days until 3am when we were reasonably sure that no one in Dallas would be calling back – we never got permission to close either night.


    My children took people to flash lights, to plugin tvs, to batteries, and both of them were rewarded AFTER the fact not even knowing that something like that could ever happen – it was their only good Christmas in their lives.


    During the Earthquake I was with my boss who lived in San Jose, well the roads were down and I invited him home – we were roomies for three days and nothing happened – gentleman that he was.


    We had a single Safeway in the city that was working directly after the 89 Quake, people were talking quietly in a line that was pretty long – at the very least about 1/8 of a mile and around a building. Three at a time they went in, they knew what they were allowed to get because they had listened to the radio and knew in general even BEFORE THAT what they would be able to get if this were to OCCUR.




    The entitled were allowed to be ignorant of their situation, effectively emptying the store and leaving it bare so that paying customers can’t get the foods they need.


    Showing that we are running our grocery stores like they are some kind of replicator (!) that has a never-ending supply of food, well guess what, ONE DAY is all they have AT THE MOST, and if there is a REAL run on a grocery someone is going to DIE!


    How DARE you entitled people who don’t know your situations, don’t know your own community’s laws and “EMERGENCY PLAN” and if it doesn’t make sense after the fact, why the FREAKING HECK weren’t you IN A CITY COUNCIL MEETING? DRINKING MUCH? EATING FAR TOO MUCH! NOT PARENTING YOUR OWN CHILDREN! NOT CARING HOW MANY RIGHTS ARE TAKEN BY 545 “adults” who are NOT adults run you lives. YOU COMPL|AINERS who just WANT, WANT, WANT and never GIVE of time, resources but are gross to the sight of your own loved ones because you will not get up and take charge of your own destiny.


    The difference between your day and MY day when I was 25 years old with TWO children, husband in military school for a rank upgrade, and I was one of 12 Mayors of Fort Ord. The theft of which I will NEVER forgive the US Army. Which brings me to the fact that even then the military would lie to the residents because they were already being infiltrated by liberals to break down all military honor barriers so that no one has to be civil and not make rank. The abuses you see even in AIR FORCE Generals, is appalling but some of you think – meh – and that is telling horror about this generation. You don’t care! You care for one and only one, yourself. You never put others first, you are the first thing you think about and you are the last thing you think about when you fall asleep.


    You are going to be our ruin because you have forgotten how to have empathy, hearts, love, kindness without vitriol, the list could go on. YOU SHOULD CARE about the person who is angry with you, not ANGRY BACK.


    Our nation has become full of “adults” who really haven’t grown up. NEVER NEVERLAND has NOTHING – WE are in a cesspool of greed, envy, lack of care for others and no one can see that Never Never Land is where we have left so many “adults” who are not adults in any sense of the word. And you know what, I still recall what adult means, go look it up. I believe responsible is in there somewhere –
    You’re choosing not to grow up. That’s sick.

  • Citizen

    I have noticed recently that my food store has many empty spaces. They also don’t carry the variety they used to. Today there were signs in front of the increasing amount of empty space that they were sorry but the product was temporarily unavailable.

  • Justin Case

    So we know exactly how all the blacks and Mexican welfare peoples will be actin. They gonna be rioting and robbing and killin and stealin. Whatever be necessary to get they food and beverages. What ever it takes as long as they are not asked to work. They ain’t gots no time for any of that work talk, they gots babies to be takin care of. Somebody gots to be takin care of all the babies.

  • trig500

    Darwin will cull the short-sighted from the herd by starving them after a crisis.

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