Tennessee State Guard Discovers Russians In DHS Armored Vehicles

(Sherrie Questioning All)  I got an email from someone who I know and is part of the Tennessee State Militia/Guard.
The various units of the Tn. State Guard are listed here. 

Let me explain the Tennessee State Guard first.   22 Governors got together last year and created State Militia/Guards that can not be federalized as the National Guards can be.  

They also did this due to the Federal government taking the equipment from the National Guards and sending it over to Iraq and Afghanistan.  When the Governors have requested the equipment back for the state the Federal government has said “It is too expensive to bring back.”  The states have had to do without equipment for any emergencies of the individual states.

3/5/13 9:14 am – Correction: The Tennessee State Guard has been around for a few years.

The governors decided they would form their own State Militias/Guards that can not be controlled by the federal government at any time and they are strictly under the State control along with all the equipment purchased.

The person who contacted me, did so due to my article about the DHS armored vehicles and the picture I took of one when I was in Kentucky. 

Here are the pictures I took.

Armored DHS vehicle in Kentucky


Armored DHS vehicle in Kentucky

The email with this information is from someone I have the utmost respect for.

Here is the contents of the  email from the person who is part of the Tennessee State Militia and was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago after getting the following email from them today 3/4/13 regarding the above Armored DHS vehicles.

At our last “meeting” several weeks ago, we were advised by a High Ranking Official of the State Guard that they stopped vehicles of this type coming from KY into TN. The troops were wearing very distinct uniforms for the Dept. of Homeland Security that were not recognized and the men they stopped were Eastern European, probably Russian. Apparently, there is some type of FEMA/DHS camp somewhere in Kentucky? 

After receiving the above email, we spoke on the phone, I wanted to find out more information about the Russian/Eastern European DHS troops that were handling the armored vehicles.

During our phone conversation.  They told me that the uniforms were not typical DHS uniforms but they had Eagles on their sleeves and it was stressed these were different DHS uniforms than regular ones.   The Russian/Eastern troops were not armed that were in the DHS uniforms and they were very polite to the State Militia.  They were stopped from coming into Tennessee.  This person told me that in Gatlinburg, Tennessee people are reporting being questioned and stopped by DHS that are Russian.   I was also told that the high ranking official mentioned Kentucky FEMA camps.

I wrote about how I found out the Smoky Mountains are part of the UN last year, as most of our National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, etc. after I saw a plaque (took pictures of it) at Newfoundland Gap last year.

After speaking with this person, I have to wonder if Russian UN/DHS troops are now being placed around the Smoky Mountains.

I have researched and found what could be the Military installation that the armored vehicle came from pictured in the area of Kentucky, I saw them.   It is The Bluegrass Army Chemicals installation of 14600 acres.    That installation has 523 tons of Nerve Chemical weapons.   It is also a possible FEMA camp.  It has a very strange layout.  All of that information is in the video.

Video about the Russian Troops, DHS vehicles, 22 State Guard/Militias, Kentucky Chemical Depot/FEMA camp?, UN Biospheres:

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/sVvvV2VSgew”]

Portion of article:

The training is the result of a U.S.-Russian agreement signed a year ago. The objectives are to create a basic relationship between the two nations’ militaries and to build an understanding about how each other’s military works, including communications, Osterholzer said.
That knowledge is vital in joint military and humanitarian operations such as anti-terrorism measures and disaster relief, he said.



Edit to add, thought – 3/5/13 7:41 Am – If the U.S. government plans on having Russian DHS troops, due to not caring about the U.S. citizens to handle the people for any unrest, due to them not believing U.S. citizens troops will follow orders to disarm the people or doing what they think needs to be done.  They haven’t thought this out completely.

They were shocked that after Sandy Hook all guns and ammo went flying off the shelves, from my understanding they were not expecting that, they expected the opposite.

They believe the Russians will shoot the people without hesitation?  Well it goes the other way too.  The U.S. citizens will not hesitate to shoot any Russian soldier that comes to their doors or tries to disarm the people.   Remember it goes both ways… no hesitation on either side to shoot the other.  The law abiding citizens of the U.S. will stand by their Freedom and Rights and will definitely stand by those rights against foreign DHS troops.

  • 1uncleduff

    Russian hillbillies in strange uniforms dropped by UFO’s in the Mountains, looking for shine or maybe a Nascar race car to take back to Mother Russia. Should we be scared? Not so long as I have my squirrel gun, deer rifle, and my little friend the AR-15. Take that Russkies.

    • Sueychop

      Don’t ferget cher’ gas mask. Ya gotta have the gas mask for the nerve gas released, ‘specially ifn’ you’un’s is in Knawxvee-ul.

  • R.C. Christian

    This, were it true, is an act of treason, against the constitution of these several states, and the people of the United States. R.C. Christian

    • Sueychop

      It t’ain’t no treason, boy, if’n’s they’s Russki’s. They’s all pay-tree-aw-tic like just a invadin’ the USA for old Mutha’ Russia. Hooeee, shootin’ Russki’s is harder than shootin’ Turkeys!

      • gabrielscircus

        But not un-doable… last time I checked, they weren’t bullet proof either…

  • King Lear

    Engage at a distance with head shots.

  • libertywins@odummerlooses.com

    odummer stand down with your dhs Russian troops.

  • Fred Bernquist

    If Obama was to declare Marshall law would these Russians be the ones shooting at Americans?? Something is coming down the pike I believe, lock and load people.

    • james

      Yes, I agree.. It will happen so fast, most people will be caught with their pants down… So to speak. Remember, people 308/7.62 and 12 gauge slugs will penetrate body armor, and walls….. Car doors…. Blue helmet…lol. You get the idea.

      • sprayman

        would be ironic to use 7.62 on the russians and lots of spam cans still available out there

    • Sueychop

      Wail, I don’ know huh-whut the Marshall would say, maybe “hello Kitty!” But its m-a-r-t-i-a-l law, dang it.

  • Josh Radcliffe

    It is true due to the recent events with FEMA and the Russian equivalent to FEMA. Obama has requested 15,000 Russian troops for FEMA region 3 to help with any civil upheaval. If we stand by and allow the Russians to disarm us then we deserve to loose our country. And you are right, it is an act of treason for OUR country but not for the global government.

    • afimedia

      My wife is originally from Russia, but is an American citizen, and one helluva rifle shot! She can demand their surrender in Russian. She knows that I will shoot the first Russian bastard in a FEMA or DHS uniform that I see, and she will be right beside me, shooting at them, too.

    • dragon5126

      NO HE DID NOT, only idiots believe that…

  • sparksnavy

    To Fred Burnquist,
    I understand your message–but,The “Marshal” is out of town and “martial” law will eventually be declared due to one or more false flags by the government!
    Can’t trust the bastards and especially the big “O” a brainwashed puppet of the big money boys!

    • Jody Blake

      to sparksnavy…

      the country went into a state of marshall law the day obama signed the NDAA!!

      • afimedia

        That would be “martial” law, which is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over a civilian populace in designated regions.

    • dragon5126

      DO any of you TARDS KNOW that the prez can NOT declare Martial law? ONLY A STATE GOVERNOR CAN,,, you people would fail highschool civics class, And as for executive orders, THEY ONLY APPLY TO FEDERAL EMPLOYEES NOT to Civilians, Again PEOPLE EDUCATE YOURSELVES, So when the time comes WE CAN Try and CONVICT Obama on ALL the charges available!
      take this message viral!

      • miltfarrow

        The rule of law does not exist for these bastards ( IT IS OUR MILITARY
        BRASS THAT IS OUT TO KILL US-The Pentagon, CIA, FBI, CIA, NAT GD, State Police, and County Police as well as Local Pd Have been hardened and given supplies by H.S. You Need get Ammo and weapons off the Bodies you are going to be forced to deal with FWC and ATC People are ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE AS WELL-AND YOU ARE WRONG MY FRIEND ALL OF THE PRIOR PUKES WERE PREPARED TO ORDER MARTIAL LAW, THE US CONSTITUTION IS OUT THE WINDOW ONCE THIS OCCURS

  • Vapemans

    well, the Russians better know by know, and If they Dont, they can Use this as YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD!

    , We dont care if they are black, red, white, or, blue. or even Green with polkadotted Scales. You fuck wit this country, and you’re headed home lIn an envelope, If there is enough of you Left

  • mtnmike

    Those little lines you didn’t understand at the BGCA facility in KY were bunkers
    where the ordinance is stored. It would comprise comprises 523 tons of nerve agents GB and VX, and mustard agent in projectiles, warheads and rockets.

    • Sueychop

      VeeExxx? Lawsy, this is gonna be fun!

    • Guest

      Mustard gas and derve agents that all destabilize over 5-10 years and are of unknown volatility

    • dragon5126

      Mustard gas and nerve agents that all destabilize over 5-10 years and are of unknown volatility

  • W.F. DePriest

    this has been an ongoing thing for 20 years that I know of possibly as long as 30; according to the movie and book Report from Iron Mountain

  • Sueychop

    The word of the Lord has said that the gasses will be released in American cities. Get away from the cities!

    • Kriegar

      Oh? Where di you read this? I must have a reference.


      • dragon5126

        in his diary

  • Howard Johnson

    I believe the Russians learned their lesson in Afghanistan, or did they. One sniper can take out a lot of personal. Body armor isn’t going to do them any good, what are they going to cover their heads with armor plate with a peep hole. L M A O.

  • Steven Been

    yes,,, they are here & the russians ! Its Obamas private Military for when he flips the switch. I am Texas State Guard & all is quite here so far. But the shit is fixen to get chin deep very soon !

  • dragon5126

    FIRST OFF THE National Guard CAN NOT be federalized IF the Governor does NOT assign them to federal Service.This is an inconvenient truth that governors all deny but is part and parcel of the National Guard, As they are chartered To guard and Protect THE US States From attack and invasion, as THE FEDERALIZED MILITARY CANNOT BE DEPLOYED ON THE Land of the United States, ONLY on FEDERAL RESERVATIONS AND HOLDINGS for Military action. This is WHY the INTERSTATE Highway System is Part and Parcel Defined as the DEFENSE Highway System, so that no paperwork has to be filed with congress to transport troops and equipment from Post to Post. You will find that the highway from the vfarious Posts to the interstates are declared part of the defense highway to facilitate this movement as well. Unofficial movement includes the use of trucks to pick up supplies and such from local businessessince this is classified as engaging in civillian commerce.

    As for Russians in DHS vehicles this has been disproven so many times that it has been claimed that it is pathetic. You see Under US LAW and international law WE CITIZENS of the US Can LEGALLY SHOOT TO KILL ANY FOREIGN TROOPS who POSE a risk to our lives Property safety or liberty. Especially if they are armed or in an armed vehicle.
    Further, Vladimir Putin has such dislike and disdain for Obama, that he would NOT put his troops at such an obvious risk, Especially since Russia is at a state of Hostility with ISLAMm and Obama is NOT.

    • Kriegar

      “As for Russians in DHS vehicles this has been disproven so many times that it has been claimed that it is pathetic. You see Under US LAW and international law WE CITIZENS of the US Can LEGALLY SHOOT TO KILL ANY FOREIGN TROOPS who POSE a risk to our lives Property safety or liberty. Especially if they are armed or in an armed vehicle.”

      And, you propose that this would present an impediment to a government run amok, I take it? Frankly, they feel that what you can “legally do” is only what they TELL YOU that you can “legally do”.

      • dragon5126

        And you propose The Americans who are responsible for carrying out the actual actions would sell their souls, the lives of their parents and children brothers and sisters, friends and other family members as well? If you do you either are one of them that would or are a very depraved individual. Just look at Obama’s attempt at gun control when we shoved it to him… Open your eyes and get back on your meds, When WE stand up in force THEY have no choice, and people Like YOU are just the cowards who are willing to lay down and die because THEY might not LISTEN to THE PEOPLE. Quite frankly we need to round cowards like you, who THINK they are conservative patriots up, and ship every one of you to Mexico…. You Sir are PATHETIC

    • Freedomremain

      You are wrong on that account,…back in the 1960s, the military WAS deployed for the civil unrest in Mississippi when the civil rights workers were murdered (NOT the national guard,..as my brother was IN the military then, and they either went to Vietnam or Mississippi) So guess again!!!

      • Scott Esse

        and it was decreed an illegal action by the federal government although necessary as the governor was using the national guard to KEEP black students out of White Schools, don’t be selective on your reporting of the facts

      • dragon5126

        the guard were DEPLOYED BY the governor moron, and As a Military force in the US the president acted against said military by deploying Federal troops, although AFTER the action the SCOTUS ruled it UNLAWFUL setting the precedent you idiot!

  • Jerry Colon

    it is not for humanitarian reasons
    it is for the martial law coming. when my unit went to iraq we brought everything back with us so that is bullshit. they do not want the guard to have vehicles while the DHS has everything. the russian FEMA group will do all the shooting and rounding up the gun owners and if we fight he will gas who ever fights.. they are not our friends. they are the enemy of we the people….obama n the feds are gearing up for the take over
    prepare for war is all i can say

  • william

    Khrushchev repeatedly disrupted the proceedings in the United Nations General Assembly in September-October 1960 by pounding his fists on the desk and shouting in Russian. On September 29, 1960, Khrushchev twice interrupted a speech by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan by shouting out and pounding his desk. The unflappable Macmillan famously commented over his shoulder to Frederick Boland (Ireland), the Assembly President, that if Mr. Khrushchev wished to continue, he would like a translation.

    At the United Nations two weeks later, in one of the most surreal moments in Cold War history, the premier waved his shoe and banged it on his desk, adding to the lengthening list of antics with which he had been nettling the General Assembly. During a debate over a Russian resolution decrying colonialism, he was infuriated by a statement, expressed from the rostrum by Lorenzo Sumulong. The Filipino delegate had charged the Soviets with employing a double standard, pointing to their domination of Eastern Europe as an example of the very type of colonialism their resolution criticized. Mr. Khrushchev thereupon pulled off his right shoe, stood up, and brandished it at the Philippine delegate on the other side of the hall. The enraged Khrushchev accused Mr. Sumulong of being “Холуй и ставленник империализма” (kholuj i stavlennik imperializma), which was translated as “a jerk, a stooge, and a lackey of imperialism.” The chaotic scene finally ended when General Assembly President Frederick Boland broke his gavel calling the meeting to order, but not before the image of Khrushchev as a hotheaded buffoon was indelibly etched into America’s collective memory. At another occasion, Khrushchev said in reference to capitalism, “Мы вас похороним!,” translated to “We will bury you!” This phrase, ambiguous both in the English language and in the Russian language, was interpreted in several ways.

    Forced retirement

  • Manfrom Modesto

    To share communications information??? That is a death knell. One of the great advantages the U.S. has held over the Russians is advanced tech- including communications capabilities and procedures. To share that is foolish. Does no one pray any more? Are you all not listening to God’s warnings? The sin in America has opened a door. Without repentance, the Russians and Chinese are coming through that door to occupy America.

    • miltfarrow

      Keep genuflecting you idiot…while they kill your wife and kids and then come back to put a bullet in what you have left of a brain—

      • Manfrom Modesto

        You clearly missed my point. However, i do not receive the curse you laid down against my wife and family and myself. As for me and my household, we shall remain safe. As for your curse, you have spoken it onto your own head.

        However, I have prayed no harm will come to you. Peace.

  • miltfarrow

    The Russian troops in Afghanistan had their asses kicked by the AlQueda. ( armed by the CIA) The writer of the article was correct, the American Citizen will not hesitate to fill the “body bags” or conversely fill the FEMA coffins ( 3 to a log) and ship to H.S. Everyone I know is pretty fed up, and sees these criminals for what they are. We have nothing to lose, If we don’t fight to rid ourselves of these “termites” they will end the lives of our families, relatives, friends, and our communities. “A coward dies many times” a brave soul only once. bring it on you son’s of bitches !

  • miltfarrow

    Many thanks to the Tennessee and or the Kentucky State Militia for stopping these foreign troops. Irrespective of what orders they have followed, their “being in this country with offensive weapons is totally illegal , Unconstitutional, and whomever made these arrangements need be tried for treason and high crimes against the US ( and that Goes for the Chief executive and his bunch of criminal consorts who has fooled no one) The American people are awakening to the fact that they are being run by a criminal enterprise in Washington, And that Elections and Protests is not the answer-We must deny them that which has sustained them, complete
    boycott and to interfere with any of their “4th Reich” projects, from Boycotting as much as possible all sustenance from these cretins.
    . The only way to deal with Vermin is 1776….

  • NewHampshire

    I would suggest they are Israelis, not Russians. It is a well known fact that the IDF is training local cops now…hence the increased militarization.