US may be collecting Chinese genes for bioweapons

(Staff Reporter) American scientists may be collecting the genes of ethnic Chinese people for the purpose of developing genetically engineered bioweapons, reports China National Defence, a military newspaper sponsored by the PLA Daily of the People’s Liberation Army.

Earlier this year, Japanese media revealed that the United States government had tested crop-killing bioweapons in Okinawa as well as on Taiwanese and American soil during the 1960s and early 1970s. Despite the multilateral Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention that came into effect in 1975, many countries such as the US and Israel continue to operate bioweapon programs, the China National Defence report said.

The newspaper claims the US military is developing a genetic weapon through a secret R&D project, with alleged participants claiming that the genes of Chinese, European Caucasians and Arabs are all part of the research. A large number of non-military organizations are also said to be participating in the US gene battle project in the hope of developing drugs and food that will mutate the genetic structure of certain people groups, the paper added.

The report said that the US has already developed actual genetic weapons, such as implanting an African and Middle Eastern virus in ordinary winemaking yeast to pass on various diseases. Russia is also said to be using genetic engineering methods to research a new anthrax-type toxin variant that is resistant to antibiotics, while Israel is rumored to be developing a genetic weapon that is deadly to Arabs but benign to people of Jewish descent.

These countries are investing heavily in gene research because genetically engineered bioweapons are not only efficient but also cost effective in their ability to kill masses of people, the report said. It might take, for example, just US$50 million to build a storage for genetic weapons, but it could take more than US$5 billion to store nuclear weapons, the paper said. If Ebola or the HIV virus could be weaponized, they could potentially wipe out humanity, the report added.

There are also numerous ways in which genetic weapons could be utilized. Bacteria or virus-carrying insects and microorganisms could be spread manually by hand, on planes or in bombs, and could be placed in rivers, cities or on transport infrastructure to ensure rapid effect.

Genetic weapons are more difficult to detect, and often only the engineers of the weapon have the keys to its genetic “code,” making it difficult for enemies to develop an antidote or vaccine in time. Compared to ordinary weapons, genetically engineered bioweapons can cause much greater psychological damage to the people targeted, the report said.

With the rapid advancement of biotechnology spurring the rising threat of genetic weapons, China National Defense said it is important to actively pursue the spirit of the the UN Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights issued in 1997, best known for its statement against human cloning and abuse of human genome against human dignity. On the other hand, scientists should be proactive in gene research that is beneficial to improving human health and immunity to better protect against genetic weapons.

  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Israelis and Arabs are the same genetic stock. The difference is the religious beliefs in their heads. I don’t think a virus can discriminate between religions. More likely than not, religion is a virus.

    • Eileen Kuch

      No, Roddy, they’re not; otherwise, Israeli scientists would be targeting their own, albeit unwittingly. The vast majority of modern Israelis are of a mixture of Turkish, Mongol, and European stock, none of which are Semitic. Only a tiny fraction share the same DNA with Arabs. In fact, 90% of Jews worldwide are Ashkenazim, who are of Turkish, Mongol, and European stock. Their ancestors had inhabited the ancient Kingdom of Khazaria; converted to Judaism around 740 AD; and were driven westward into Eastern Europe by Vladimir the Great at around 1050 AD, after their kingdom had fallen. What was once Khazaria now consists of all of Georgia, part of Ossetia, and part of Ukraine.

      • GrandDukePaul

        Good call. I always found it ridiculously hypocritical that the Jews/Israelis will cry ‘anit-semitic’ at any chance, yet their actins are purely anti-Arab. A semite is a person of Arabic descent…

    • Muhammad Abbass

      No that’s the rub, and they know it. Modern Jews are not a semitic people. There is a trickle of semitic genetics among them of course due to inter marriage but the original Semitic blood Hebrew speaking people have faded into the general population best represented among the Palestinians; some of whom were actually still Jews when the European converts which the Ashkenazi origin modern Jews mostly are.

      The Khazar tribes are the main source for modern Jew heritage, a fact long acknowledged in The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler and which has been mu ch better established and documented today including by genetic studies.

  • benth163

    Actually, an off-shoot of Nicola Tesla’s work redefined by Bernard Eastlund while I believe he was working for ARCO proposes just that with the HAARP program. All humans produce specific vibratory affects, which include our organs, minds and DNA. HAARP can tune its frequency pulse modulated electromagnetic waves to affect just about anything they want..

    While I haven’t heard anything relative to the miniaturization of HAARP, I believe they may have systems like HAARP that are either vehicle or back-pack mounted or both.

  • Fred Milton Olsen

    A man named Dr. Yoshihro Kawaoka who works at the University of Wisconsin has already enhanced Ebola in research that got into some trouble and was moved to Canada. Dr. Kawaoka has also genetically enhanced the Bird Flu and made it into a form which transfers more easily through the air. Bird Flu is rare, but deadly. Make it worse and easier to catch? Why? “So we can study it”– yeah, right. This is bio-weapons research, pure and simple. The University is even now making such things more secret and harder to find out about. THis guy loves the Flu somuch he might as well be Stephen King wring about Captains Trips. He’s made trips to recover samples of the 1918 Spanish flu from frozen tundra…. so he could genetically enhance it to make it worse! No answers yet as to how this might actually help us to invent these super-pathogens. The questions keep being asked, but no one answers.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Only evil intent is present here, Fred. Scientists such as Dr. Yoshihro Kawaoka, who are working on creating bio-weapons aren’t doing this to enhance humanity; they’re doing it to wipe most of humanity out, and that’s a crime against humanity, punishable by death or life in prison w/o any chance of parole.

      Instead of conducting bio-weapons research, scientists such as Dr. Kawaoka should be working on pathogen research that would greatly benefit mankind. If he wants to research the Spanish Flu, he should work on finding ways to prevent any re-occurrences of that deadly disease. He’d do himself and the rest of mankind a huge favor by conducting his research for good instead of evil.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Bio weapons may cause greater terror among the target poopulation but they will also cause vastly greater loathing and fury among those who will eventually respond as in blowback. Increase the brutality and you will also be the target of greater brutality.

    is rumored to be developing a genetic weapon that is deadly to Arabs
    but benign to people of Jewish descent. – See more at: that Israel thinks they can produce a genetic weapon which will target Arabs but not them. Not possible if they were semites themselves of course. So they know they are not a semitic people at the scientific weapons level anyway.