Warning: Gigantic Chunk Of Sun Headed Toward Earth

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(Thomas Dishaw)  As the sun goes into a peak time of solar activity I’m very concerned  about the latest news from NASA.

A chunk of the sun is missing and  heading toward earth at 2 million miles per hour. It’s an astonishing 80 times bigger than earth.

Scientists are baffled by the recent activity,  warning us a global blackout could occur.

Although no timetable was given on the arrival of this solar flare, actions like this make me wonder if their hiding something.



  • Echo Moon

    well i guess i had better go over to our little storage room and get the lantern and a few more small tanks of propane so that we will at least have some light. not worried about cooking because i’ve got a gas stove, a grill and can always cook over the campfire. and yeah we will have food as the local grocery store has generators to keep themselves up and running. if we run out of meat? well we right next to the smokies so i figure we can go hunting. :D

  • threenorns


    a solar flare is not a “piece of the sun” – it’s an electromagnetic eruption from the sun’s surface.

    follow the logic: the sun maintains its position by virtue of its mass. the planets in the solar system maintain their orbits by virtue of their mass in relation to the mass of the sun.

    if the sun’s mass suddenly dropped by a quarter, we’d be in one hell of a lot of trouble because every single planet’s orbit would be altered – they’d all fling out farther from the sun. that means earth would be knocked out of the habitable zone and, combined with the drastic reduction in light and radiation output, would ****very frikkin quickly**** become uninhabitable.

    also, a 25% reduction in solar output would be visible to the naked eye 8 minutes after it happened.

    the only reason there’s a whacking big dark spot is because the camera they used to record the sun’s image wasn’t picking up that section. it’s not “missing” – it’s just a lot cooler than the 3-1/2 million degree surface of the rest of the sun and that’s typical after a solar flare.

    couple days from now, the black spot will be gone and they’ll all be “a miracle!!!! bruce willis and clint eastwood flew up in a rocket ship and knocked the sun fragment back into place!”

    • SysReboot

      actually you’re talking about a solar flare.

      these guys are talking about a CME (coronal mass ejection) which are different to solar flares and contain mass therefore can’t travel at the speed of light.

      The ejected material is a plasma ball consisting primarily of electrons & protons, they can also contain small quantities of other heavier elements such as helium, oxygen, and even iron.

      so they can cause a huge threat to earth.

      • threenorns

        except they specifically say “solar flare”.

        • Grey Wolf

          Thank you i was about to say that also

        • Abbass

          They are also a pair of idiots. This is a CME. Flares are like filaments often arcing back onto the sun in such images.

    • Truthsetsfree4

      Great is the Creator’s faithfulness! If it were to hang by virtue of scientific knowledge and theories, it is a fearful thing to behold. But my world was designed, created, hung together and established by my Father in Heaven. In His timing it will be destroyed and then a new heaven and new earth will be created that will be perfect where all God’s children will live eternally. Sounds super crazy? It’s all found in this awesome best seller – the Bible. You should check it out!

    • Leah Faulkner
  • John Bier

    There are some pretty gullible dumb-asses out there.

    • isnamthere

      In here, too.

      • Dave

        Duh. How do you think obama got elected… twice! Gullible is a kind assessment, flat out dumb-asses is more apt.

        • isnamthere

          Dave, you’re an idiot. This article has nothing at all to do with Obama. But thank you for putting your troll out there. And also thank you for proving my point, dumb ass.

          • Dave

            john made a reply about gullible dumb-asses, Only a gullible dumb ass would have voted for that idiot proving that there are indeed some pretty gullible dumb asses out there. And you can shove your insult up your ass.

  • Bob

    makes me wonder if people who don’t know proper use of ” there, their, and they’re” should be allowed to write articles

  • Victoria Darkflame

    chunk of the sun missing…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Chaitan

    Hmmm…the sun is 93 million miles away… that means that if a part is missing and approaching us at 2 million miles per hour, we’ll know for sure in…46.5 hours!!!! Let the looting begin!!!! Woo Hooo!!!!

  • Dezri Dean

    More sensationalism to sell the agenda.

  • Peter Carrick

    morons the most powerfull ever we had was 2000 times what we have had latley and that was 160 years ago you have no idea fools

  • Blah, blah, blah – but no timetable is available? Huh? These people math impaired or WTF.

  • richard

    the sun is not solid – there are no chunks. maybe the sun farted?

    • Jeremy Gibson

      Recent studies show the sun is solid dumbass. The hot plasma covers the sun surface much the same way oceans cover the earth surface. Look at the picture of the massive dark coronal hole. That is the solid outer surface of the sun exposed by its missing plasma

  • jtrem

    It’s ok now, you can put the Tomato plants back on the deck. So many libraries and so many books and so many idiots.

  • Devin Lee Johnson

    HAHHAHAAH, thats rich the sun is only
    92,960,000 Miles away from us, 2 Million miles an hour would be..

    Less than 48 hours away from the time this “News” was posted, 48 hours ago.. Nice try fox. GG

  • Joe JUssac, Jr.

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    tjoaginsing (Googleable)

  • gabrielscircus

    Or… it can melt the entire electrical grid of only the United States… right? Sounds like a lot of fear mongering hocus to me…