White House Petition To Criminalize Anyone Who Questions The Official Story Of Sandy Hook


(Thomas Dishaw)  A new petition on the White House web site is demanding an end to the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.

On January 10 2012 “Angela ” created the petition demanding that we ” make it an illegal act to use the internet to create, promote, or profit from any content that suggests that the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy was a hoax.”

Also including ” any content that suggests that the victims or their families were actors and/or that they are not actually deceased.”

I guess Angela doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.  She has a lot to learn on this basic principle that protects both of us.

Sandy Hook White House Petition.



sandy hook white house petition



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  • InalineableWrights

    Another example of liberalism being a mental disorder:

    They want to criminalize, or outright murder those searching for the truth – and allow real criminals such as those involved in fast and furious to run free.

    Facts do not matter, only feelings are relevant to those afflicted with the mental illness known as liberalism. They don’t feel good about you questioning government crimes so you must die.

  • Lake Charles not in Los Angeles

    Very good in reporting but you have facts wrong. Lake Charles is not in Los Angles. Oh BTW Los Angeles in abbreviated L (Period) A (period). LA means Louisiana peeps like you that do not do your homework give media news a bad name.

  • Karen

    Neil Heslin (Sandy Hook “parent”) is a FELON with a long RAP SHEET. His (fake daughter) Jesse Lewis didn’t really “DIE”: