White House Pulls Down TSA Petition Just Before The 25,000th Vote

(USA Hitman)  The White House removed a petition about the TSA airport screening procedures from the White House “We the People” website.

About 22,500 of the 25,000 signatures necessary for a response from the Administration were obtained when the White House unexpectedly cut short the time period for the petition.

The site also went down for “maintenance” following an article in Wired.com (http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/08/nude-scanner-order/) that sought support for the campaign:

“A federal appeals court Wednesday ordered the Transportation Security Administration to explain why it hasn’t complied with the court’s year-old decision demanding the agency hold public hearings concerning the rules and regulations pertaining to the so-called nude body scanners installed in U.S. airport security checkpoints.


The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit’s brief order came in response to the third request by the Electronic Privacy Information Center for the court to enforce its order. Concerns about the machines include the graphicness of the images, the potential health risks and the scanners’ effectiveness.

Jim Harper, the director of information policy studies at the Cato Institute, has started a White House petition to force the TSA to promptly follow the law. By government policy, if the petition gets 25,000 signatures, the President Barack Obama administration is obligated to publicly respond. The petition needs another 9,000 signatures as of publication.”

At 22,500 signatures the petition was pulled by the White House!

We the People – a big joke.

  • Muse1876

    Why do we pay taxes if we aren’t allowed to voice our opinion? This admin. is so corrupt and it will get worse the closer we get to Nov.

  • Breaking News

    I’m sad to say another 4 years of Obama will take us to the point of no return. Everything is so blatant and in your face. And Rommney will be no better.

  • The leftist Marxist were probably just collecting names on who to kill in the coming purge.

  • Brad

    The point of no return was years ago … when corporations bought our nation. Get in the streets already. They are all puppets in DC.

    • Wild Will

      “Corporations are people,my friend”…Rmoney–(thats why they’re always trying to f* you)