GOVTSLAVES.INFO has been a thorn in the establishment’s side since 2010. What started as a hobby and a passion for information turned out to be something much more

We began as an information portal for documentary films and links to alternative websites. Soon we gained a strong readership and eventually developed into the site you see today.

We pride our site on promoting independent media, as well as keeping an ear to the ground for the latest news on politics, government, religion, and society. We’ve been cited many times on Infowars, Naturalnews, and the DailyMail. We’ve also had corporate media hit pieces published against us on Forbes, Gawker, Business Insider, New York Daily News, Salon, and International Business Times. We were proudly named one of the top 200 Fake News Websites that echoed ‘Russian Propaganda’ by the website Propornot.com.