John McCain Slams New Campaign Finance Ruling

(Rebecca Wright)  GOP Senator John McCain recently told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the 2010 Supreme Court ruling allowing unlimited political donations from special interest groups opens the door for corruption. The controversial Citizens United decision now means the forthcoming presidential campaign will be awash with money from big corporations and special interest groups. 

In the NBC ****McCain reportedly said the “system is broken” and even went as far to say the Supreme Court decision was “uniformed, arrogant and naive.” His view that allowing “an incredible amount of money” into the presidential election will open the door for corruption will surely raise a more than a few eyebrows amongst high ranking GOP officials.

When quizzed on what he thought about GOP supporter Sheldon Adelson’s recent $10 million donation to the pro Romney ‘Restore Our Future’ super PAC McCain was quick to state that it’s not the fault of just one wealthy GOP supporting donor that is adversely affecting our so democratic system. He went on to mention how we wouldn’t single out Adelson any more than Richard Trumka, the union boss who helped support President Obama’s beat McCain to the white House four years ago.

McCain concluded the “Meet the Press” interview by predicting there will be scandals that lead to a reform of campaign financing. Unless his prediction occurs soon there will be plenty of money donated to both the GOP and the Democrats before November comes.