Veteran Has Guns Confiscated After Going To See Shrink

(Warner Todd Huston)  In yet another example of two tactics liberals are using to disarm America, we have here an example of a veteran having his guns forcibly removed as well as the use of mental health issues as a means to cancel Second Amendment rights.

The gun rights group Florida Carry has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a military veteran who had his rights trampled by state authorities. Florida Carry won’t identify its client by name, calling him simply “AB,” but the case proves how government is stepping far out of its proper role.

As it happens, AB called the Veterans Authority to get some help with the depression he was experiencing. but instead of the VA helping him, the agency called the local police department in Daytona Beach.

The Daytona Beach police swooped down on AB’s home and had him forcibly committed to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. Then the police crashed through his home and confiscated all his guns, ammunition, bows, arrows, and anything else they thought could be used as a weapon.

AB was eventually cleared as mentally fit, but now the police are refusing to return the man’s personal property illegally taken from his home.

AB filled out all the proper paperwork, filed all the medical affidavits the cops demanded he obtain, but still authorities refuse to return the property.

Now police are saying they’ll need a court order which means the poor citizen would be forced to withstand the burden of gaining legal counsel and going to court.

This is definitely one of the tactics being used to steal guns away from as many people as possible. At the slightest hint of any sort of medical trouble, authorities are quickly swarming the homes of citizens to remove their guns from them permanently. This is especially true with veterans.

In Florida authorities are misusing a law called The Baker Act to take as many firearms away from people as possible. Unfortunately for legal gun owners and common citizens, this law is so vague that it leaves the criteria of just who should be denied Second Amendment rights to any judge or officer that decides to invoke the law and the citizen has no recourse to stop it.

These sort of un-Constitutional gun grabs are going on all over the country. For instance, recently an Oregon man had his guns confiscated for firing a warning shot to chase off a home invader. Apparently in that town one is not allowed to defend onesself in one’s own home.

The hysteria against guns is running apace in our schools, as well. Take the case of a kindergartner from Massachusetts who was thrown in detention for having a plastic gun that was only 1 inch long in class. In another case, a teacher with a legal carry permit was thrown out of his classroom and threatened with being fired after his principal found out he had his gun on him.

Now, all that having been said, there is a lot of talk about being “proactive” to stop “crazies” and “lunatics” from erupting in violence (despite that crime and even gun crime is on the down turn alla cross the country) and many Americans are calling on government to “do more” to protect us. So, how far should authorities take this and stay within their legal role?

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