Leaked NASA Document: Future Strategic Issues-Future Warfare Reveals Scary Look Into The Future

(Thomas Dishaw)  Although I can’t confirm the authenticity of this 2001 NASA power point entitled ” Future Strategic Issues-Future Warfare”

I can conclude that the information presented is down right scary.

Here are some of the highlights courtesy of the infounderground.

41- something about “Some Sensor Swarms,” which include “Smart Dust” (floats in air currents), “Nano-Tags” (I think this is about RFIDs), and “Co-Opted Insects” (great, so now we have to be suspicious of the freaking bugs!!)

42 – something about ” Explosive Dust Opportunities”…hmmm

43 – something about “Microdust Weaponry”  that is inhaled into the lungs, “Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various ‘pathological missions'”…Chemtrails??? …Apparently, there’s nothing to worry about b/c this “new class of weaponry is LEGAL”

50- talks about “Effects of Low Power Microwaves,” which include behavioral performance decrements, seizures, alterations in brain function, and lethality

52- talks about “BW Possibilties” (BW=biowarfare?), apparently this allows you to carry out a “long term fingerprintless campaign” (kind of like “silent weapons for quiet wars?”), includes things like airborne ebola, aflatoxin, genomically targeted pathogens, and “binary agents” (?) distributed via imported food, vitamins, clothing

53- info on Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, which was weaponized back in the 50’s and 60’s, tested in humans in “Operation Whitecoat,” not treatment available (I kind of feel like this was in the news a couple of years ago–like people or animals were suspiciously taken out with this)

pg 73- info on “Natural Warfare,” including use of animals (e.g. rats, insects) as “delivery systems” (I’m assuming for toxins/pathogens)

82- talks about “Unconventional Nuc Delivery” (nuc=nuclear?), something about “sinking a ship and detonating it to create tidalwaves with radioactive spume.”  Another idea is to “Trojan Horse Everything,” including ships, planes, cars, trucks, cargo, etc. with the “targeted effects” to include tidal waves, radiation, earthquakes, EMP

83- I don’t really get this section, but it’s called “Civilian IW Examples/CONUS” and talks about banking system computers and railroads. What caught my eye was something in the railroad section about the power grid getting taken down (there’s been a lot of propaganda out there about how “solar flares” could take out the power grid and I’ve been wondering whether they were sort of laying the propaganda groundwork for something like this–James McCanney has been warning about this…I’ll post more on this later)

88- this section is called “Some Interesting Possibilties” (yeah, interesting if you’re a freaking psychopath!!) and talks about “detonation of off-shore seabed methane hydrate deposits to produce tatical/strategic level tidal waves against littoral regions”

Don’t we all love a good conspiracy?

Download:  NASA-Future Strategic Issues And Warfare (www.govtslaves.info)

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