Operation Race Pimps And Lawbreakers: Report Them Now

(Thomas Dishaw)  As the media continues to feed the fire with the George Zimmerman distraction, real issues  continue to be ignored and pushed  aside as high paid  race pimps and over zealous elected leaders do their best to divide the nation and create a race war.

These opportunists use times like these to sign executive orders, pass laws, and commit massive financial crimes while the world is glued to their TV.

Although Zimmerman was found not guilty the criminal leaders who occupy the White House have found it necessary to create an email tip line. Their hope is that enough credible information will be brought in so they can open a federal investigation against Zimmerman and hopefully charge him with a hate crime or civil rights violation. This will create the ultimate reality show, giving Americans the cheap entertainment they desire and lust for.

As an everyday American I’m completely fed up with government. They are out of control and don’t represent the people. 95% of our elected leaders are criminal and should be doing time in prison for the financial and Constitutional crimes they have committed against America.

Since the Department of Injustice has created this email tip line we should use this to our advantage and overwhelm the system with how we really feel about the Obama Administration, The “Fast & Furious” scandal, NSA spying, gun control, IRS targeting conservative groups and the out of control DHS and TSA.

Since we want our email to get read I suggest we follow these tips.

  • In the subject line don’t put “Obama is a traitor”. Even though this is true the email will probably never get opened and deleted.  A better alternative would be “Zimmerman busted saying the word N$gger on tape” 
  • Please don’t use this opportunity to trash on the lowly email reader. This person may feel the same we you do. We don’t want to be labeled crazy “conspiracy theorists”
  • Don’t threaten officials. This is the quickest way to get a visit from the alphabet boys and find yourself in a corporate prison for a few years.
  • Not everyone is as informed as us. Incorporate links from stories to back up your claims. Most people gravitate to truth. We need to win over every mind and soul possible to have a real change in this world.

The goal of this operation is overwhelm the system with emails and let them know were watching them. We need the government to fear us again. They need to know we will hold them accountable for their actions and voting them out of office should be the least of there worries.

America is a sleeping giant and the one thing they fear is a peaceful revolution. Imagine 10 million people marching on D.C. in unity fighting for a united cause. None divided by race, religion or belief just for the common cause of liberty and freedom.

Please support Operation Race Pimps And Lawbreakers by emailing the  USDOJ Tip line and let them know your outraged  at the current state of the union and will stop at no lengths to change it.