(Thomas Dishaw)  The political climate is changing across the world, and the unprecedented  threat of a civil uprising is quickly accelerating across America.  Finally the people of this great country are uniting and waking up in masses. Unfortunately these  types of events very rarely make it to the mainstream media, leaving you and I as the journalists who really have a pulse on the republic.

On Sunday, Veterans rallied at the World War II memorial, protesting with Senators  Mike Lee  and Ted Cruz, over the hypocrisy of closing down the Memorial.  As the tide turned from singing God Bless America to chants of “tear down these walls”, activists, Veterans and fed up tax payers grabbed parts of the makeshift barrier and started carrying it down E Street, eventually making their way to the White House where they piled parts of the barricade on the White House sidewalk.

Leading the way was an unidentified disabled veteran who hauled pieces of the barricade on his segway.

This man should be an inspiration to all.  His act of courageousness is a testament of what we can do as people, even when the obstacles seem monumental .

Coinciding with the march was the organization  “Truckers To Shut Down America”, who are responsible for  coordinating the shut down of the 495 Beltway and ultimately seeking the arrest of public officials for crimes against the Constitution. According to SPLC, a propaganda arm of the mainstream media and Government,  “The only aspect of the planned protest that is clear is that it is fueled by conspiracy theories regarding President Obama and fears about an imminent economic collapse.” SPLC said in a statement Tuesday “… it is being promoted by antigovernment ‘Patriots’ and radio-show hosts with a history of far-right agitation.”

As America reaches its boiling point, it is refreshing to see  freedom loving Americans continue to fight for the future of this country. This is only the beginning of  a long road of civil disobedience which is set to explode all over this country. In this fight there is no membership and no leaders, just a fundamental belief that we need to regain control of the republic to preserve the freedoms that we all take for granted every day. Welcome to the peaceful revolution.