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Obama Turnes Prepper, Warns Of Coming Crisis

(Bob Unruh)  President Obama on Friday turned prepper, with a proclamation regarding National Preparedness Month that warned emergencies, “from hurricanes and wildfires to cyber and terrorist attacks, can strike anywhere at any time.”

In his proclamation, he said each household should have its own plan.

“Before emergencies occur, we must make sure we are ready to respond, and it is every American’s responsibility to be prepared. There are simple but important steps we can all take to ensure we know what to do and have what we need in the event of a crisis. National Preparedness Month is an opportunity to talk with our families, friends, and colleagues about the risks in our communities and to practice our responses in all the places we regularly visit.”

He said Americans “should be familiar with local threats and hazards and take steps to reduce their devastating impacts.”

“Families should assemble a disaster supplies kit well in advance and have a plan to reconnect after a tragedy,” the president said.

He said his administration has invested “billions of dollars” in disaster relief.

“We bolstered coordination with our local, state, tribal, and territorial partners to cut through red tape and kept our commitment to rebuild stronger and fully recover together. We are harnessing our nation’s innovative spirit to develop new tools and technologies that will empower survivors and better inform Americans before, during, and after an emergency.”

And he boasted of launching “America’s PrepareAthon!” to help with readiness.

“Through this initiative, communities across our country will participate in the second national day of action on September 30, providing Americans of all ages with resources and opportunities to increase their preparedness,” he said.

He warned that a “changing climate” will mean “longer wildfire seasons, more severe droughts, heavier rainfall, and more frequent flooding.”

“That is why, as part of my Climate Action Plan, we are committed to building smarter, more resilient infrastructure that can withstand more frequent and more devastating natural disasters and to supporting our communities as they prepare for these impacts,” he said.