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[12/29/16]  Jeff Jarvis, 62, not only trains generations of journalists as a professor at the Graduate School of Journalism of City University of New York (CUNY), his influence spreads wide via his media consultancy and writings in books, magazines, newspapers and online.

So the ridiculous column he recently penned lauding Hillary Clinton is all the more outrageous for his deliberate blindness to FACTS:

  • Jarvis calls Hillary honest when she repeatedly lies, all recorded on camera, and uses her Clinton Foundation to rake in millions of dollars from pay-to-play foreign government “donors”.
  • Jarvis calls Hillary decent, when she abandoned four Americans — including two of her State Department staff — to die in Benghazi.
  • Jarvis calls Hillary civil and caring, when she trashes millions of Americans by calling them “a basket of deplorables” who are “irredeemable” racists, bigots and homophobes.

Here’s his nauseating essay. When you read it, just remember this man is a PROFESSOR OF JOURNALISM.

Jeff Jarvis, “Merry Christmas, Hillary Clinton,” Medium, Dec. 25, 2016:

“I want to say Merry Christmas to Hillary Clinton.

I am grateful to you for running a campaign on principle, patriotism, decency, honesty, intelligence, optimism, maturity, experience, care, and civility.

I am grateful to you for suffering such abuse from so many quarters for so many years and always coming back fighting — for us. You did it for us.

I cannot imagine the disappointment and, yes, anger and you must feel.

I fear that you might think you disappointed us. But we disappointed you. I wish I had knocked that many more doors in Pennsylvania. I wish I could have been that much more persuasive here, in so-called social media. I wish we could have won it for you.

In any case, I am grateful to you for giving me a gift before Christmas. You gave me my sense of citizenship back. I was a journalist and that separated me from the public we want to serve. In your campaign, I found an urgency, a reason to care, an opportunity to meet and listen to my fellow citizens, and, yes, a cause.

I want to live in your America, in your world. That, tragically, is not where we are now. We will have to learn new skills: how to resist unjust rule, how to protect those who need protection, how to make the unaccountable accountable.

It would be too much to ask you to keep fighting; you have been made to fight for too long. But we do still need your guidance, your leadership, and will be grateful when you can give it.

In the meantime, I pray you enjoy your family, especially your grandchildren, and can begin to see a future through their eyes. I want you to know how much respect, affection, and gratitude I — and I have no doubt millions more — have for you.

So thank you, Madame Secretary. Merry Christmas, Hillary. God bless.”

Aside from commenters who are just as delusional as Jarvis (e.g., Kelly Lux wrote: “Brought me to tears”), here’s a sample of comments from the sane readers:

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