There’s no doubt that revenue realized from online gambling has increased in the last decade. This can be supported by statistical projections that were made between 2014 and 2018. If you compare current revenue stats to those that were published back them, you realize that these numbers are spot on, meaning that online casinos are somehow doing better than land-based casinos.

The growth of online gambling

Disposable income was greatly affected in the aftermath of the ‘’Great economic recession’’ in 2014. People were on the tail-end of a rebound, meaning that fewer individuals would afford spending on real money games. But despite this phenomenon, online casinos continued to achieve popularity, and thereby witnessing a significant revenue increase. This has been consistent year after year. It obviously means that other factors are contributing to this growth in popularity and subsequently revenue upsurge.

The factors which might have led to online casinos popping up in numbers

The industry is currently populated with every Tom, Dick, and Harry who runs an online casino. Some are licensed while others aren’t. Laws governing online gambling have been relaxed in most parts of the world anyway. However, most states in the US still consider internet wagering as an illegal activity, with the exception of Delaware and New Jersey. New Jersey has achieved remarkable strides in regulating and legalizing online gambling. On the other hand, the state of Nevada (where Las Vegas is) just did it in a unique way by creating laws that would only regulate online poker.

Other states such as Pennsylvania and California have also witnessed the success that online casinos are enjoying. These states have since resolved to discuss legislation that will see internet casinos like Wild Jack Online Casino being allowed to accept players from the US as well. Chances are that these legislation will soon come to fruition.

The UK and Australia

Most gambling websites are either registered in the UK or Australia. These countries have since regulated the gambling industry to pave way for its growth. Consequently, revenue that is collected from users mostly comes from these countries.

Generally speaking, more people are opting to enjoy casino games from the comfort of their homes. While visiting land-based casinos was considered the real deal, things have changed since online casinos are trying really hard to simulate the real world experience through the implementation of prospective technologies like 3D and VR. These things have been tested already and proved that they could open a world of endless possibilities for the millennials who are now looking to play from the comfort of their homes. These changes automatically make headlines, which is good for the industry’s growth.

Finally, the recent advancement in internet technologies and speed could be driving this growth even further into the future. Live dealer gambling was not possible a decade ago. Today, it is starting to feel like a common thing, thanks to internet speeds getting faster so that streaming of live games is possible. So if you ever wondered why sites like are increasingly running attractive huge promotions that would cost a typical business an arm and a leg, you should know that the explanation lies in how the industry has grown together with its audience.

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