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[3/3/17]  It may surprise most to learn that Milo Yiannopoulos’ staunchest defender — even in the wake of the recent scandal in which he was accused of endorsing pedophilia — is a conservative, Christian professor.

For the last six months, Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown, an associate professor of history at the University of Chicago, has spent countless hours pounding away at her keyboard writing posts for her personal blog that have explained, defended, applauded — even venerated — that famously “Dangerous Faggot.”

More recently, but prior to Milo’s fall from grace, she authored “Why Milo Scares Students, and Faculty Even More” for the University of Chicago Divinity School’s online publication Sightings.

Between her blog posts and Sightings article, she’s officially become a campus pariah — and she’s not even on campus. She’s finishing a two-quarter academic leave set to return to the classroom this spring.

Meanwhile, the recent uptick in Fulton Brown hate mail prompted her to find herself recently sitting inside the office of Emilio Kourí, the history department chair, talking about her extracurricular activities.

She’s not in trouble, she said in an interview with The College Fix, calling the University of Chicago true to its word that it’s a place where free expression is sacrosanct. But as a result of the meeting, she altered her faculty bio to more clearly delineate that her personal blog, “Fencing Bear at Prayer,” is just that.

Meeting Milo

The 9-year-old blog has been a place of solace for Fulton Brown, where she can say anything, unlike her history lectures, which she keeps strictly on point.

That blog, launched in 2008, has chronicled the scholar as she’s journeyed through life’s lessons, documenting her struggles and inner monologue. In September 2016, her path landed on the figurative doorstep of one Milo Yiannopoulos, prompted by the University of Chicago’s infamous rebuttal of safe spaces that went viral.

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