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While bulletproof vests offer standard protection against small caliber firearms, we offer a wide range of bulletproof vests accustomed to the user’s purpose. Basically, we have general purpose as well as specialized vests for infiltration or target protection missions. We also have vest for suppressing and controlling riots, and vests that allows for maximum movement.

Trailblazer range

The Defender is one of our basic armors under the Trailblazer range. It provides standard protection against small caliber firearms and has ample coverage to the body’s vital parts. We provided a considerable allowance to enable users to insert hard armor plates for additional protection.

Slick range

Our Slick Plate Carrier is a Slick range armor type which users can wear as standalone protection. It prioritizes comfort and lightweight features to grant maximum comfort and mobility to its users. Thus, if a customer is looking for both mobility and protection in a single armor, we definitely recommended the Slick Plate Carrier armor.

Neptune range

The Neptune I model under the Neptune range is one of our specialized armors that provide considerable protection during maritime missions in hostile waters. It is a recommended armor for naval officers and marine soldiers because it removes the handicap that many armor suffer when submerged in water. 

Triumph range

The Undervest of our Triumph range is an ultrathin, lightweight, but extremely durable armor that provide maximum movement to its users through flex points, which are a product of careful engineering and anatomical study. Moreover, it has breathable fabric as well as shock absorption feature to provide additional comfort and protection all at once.

Molle General Purpose range

The Molle General Purpose vest, as the name suggests, is an all-around vest that can accommodate any threat level efficiently. Usually, we recommend this vest for riot suppression and security missions, but users can aptly use it in a wide variety of missions. Basically, this vest provides wide tactical utility to its user to accommodate any military task.

Gallant range

Our Gallant Range has the Quick Release vest that specializes in giving its user the ability to quickly equip and remove the vest at any moment for strategic and tactical purposes. Moreover, it has adjustable straps to accommodate any body size. Furthermore, it has several padding across the torso and the shoulders.

All of our body armours provide high-quality and standardized protection and defend the user against 9mm handguns and firearms of the same caliber. Through our wide list of armor types, users have the liberty to choose the type that suits their purpose.

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