[3/21/17]  With a new Reuters/Ipsos poll indicating rising opposition in Canada to illegal refugees, the number of those “asylum seekers” entering the country continues to increase.

Emerson, Manitoba is ground zero in the illegal refugee crisis. Last weekend saw a record number walk across the border from North Dakota, and, with the change of seasons, more are certain to follow.

Almost 50 percent of Canadians now say they should be sent back to the U.S.

With 29 more illegals entering Canada over the weekend, tensions continue to rise just as the Trudeau government remains adamant that doing nothing to contain the flow is good policy.

Video obtained by CTV News shows just how the “refugees” manage to enter the country: by walking across. Some are guided at night by a railway tracks while use an old border crossing that hasn’t been active in years.

“We see the numbers climbing, and I don’t think that is going to slow down,” Emerson-Franklin councillor Doug Johnston told CTV Winnipeg on Monday.

Emerson is a remote border town with barely 700 inhabitants. It’s population will soon double at the rate that illegals have been arriving since January.  At least 300 have already made the trip though the federal agencies responsible for processing the illegals admit that they aren’t counting.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister guesses at least 1,000 could enter his province this year — though that estimate is based on current levels. He’s asked the federal Liberal government for assistance but they haven’t responded. Pallister is agitated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s indifference, as are Canadians as Monday’s poll also indicated.

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