[4/21/17]  Whitworth University, a Christian university in Spokane, Washington, has officially cut its ties with Planned Parenthood.

The school’s Students for Life chapter brought the issue to light last year, protesting the inclusion of Planned Parenthood as a “community partner” with which students could complete accredited internships.

University President Beck Taylor announced the change in a campus-wide email Tuesday, according to an SFL press release.

“I recently instructed the Dornsife Center for Community Engagement not to renew…the only formal partnership the university currently has with Planned Parenthood,” Taylor stated. “At the end of the current academic year, Whitworth will no longer offer credit-bearing service-learning placements or internships with the organization.”

Noting that Planned Parenthood is a politically polarizing organization, Taylor said he ultimately concluded that it was necessary to end the relationship, lest Whitworth be seen as taking sides on the issue.

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