Conservative Activist Has Advice On How Trump Can Fix College Indoctrination

[4/24/17]  Listening to the nation’s premier campus activist for the center-right, one wonders how many parents knowingly put their children on the front-lines for a historic struggle over America’s free speech.

Charlie Kirk is the founder and executive director of the successful Turning Point USA, a seemingly fearless nonprofit helping young people be bold in defending America’s founding principles and economic liberties. His passion for ideas, principles and values, in the face of growing political correctness, is palpable in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Students are finding colleges to be increasingly intolerant propaganda machines. Students face social abuse, threats, intimidation and violence if they believe America’s founding principles had innate merit or if they believe in traditional values.

The radicalized and intolerant left is “out of control, and literally censoring speech on campus,” according to Kirk. After the election, as the left went into overdrive on campuses, TPUSA also found new growth, energy, and enthusiasm pulling away from the left’s intolerance.

Known for their messages like “Big Government Sucks,” or “Socialism Sucks,” Kirk is committed to “playing offense” in 2017 for America, as TPUSA grows and expands during the intensification of conflict throughout higher education.

Besides the emerging violence aimed at conservative speakers like Charles Murray, Ann Coulter and Heather Mac Donald, he mentions “on 30 campuses you cannot say, ‘if you work hard in America, you can succeed.’” One student he found even had her final exam marked down for using “mankind” in her writing.

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