How to recognize a legal casino

[6/4/17]  Did you know that many online casinos are operating illegally?  This is a huge problem that many players find themselves trapped in, and by the time they realize it the damage has already be done.  There are many ways to insure that the online casino that you are using is legal.  

Players should do their research before committing their hard earned money to possibly fraudulent online casinos.  The easiest first step a player can take is taking a hard look at the website.  Start by reading the casinos “About Us” page.  Any legitimate casino will be transparent with their users and provide information for contacting them as well as who they are operated by.  Many casinos will have certification from a governing body such as the Gambling commission.  Typically in the fine print at the bottom of the casinos home page users will be able to see this type of information.  For example at the bottom os 888 Casino’s home page players can see that the site is authorized to operate under Gibraltor, which is a governing body in the UK and Great Britain.  888 Casino also provides its license numbers so that users can verify this information.

There is also the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association which will allow sites to use their seal of approval after proof that they are a legitimate site that does not plagiarize or spam.  Any site that applies for this seal is thoroughly investigated, and if the GPWA finds it suitable they will grant use of the seal.  Online sites such as Roxy Palace will have the seal on their site, and it can be verified through the GPWA.

Another key sign is the gaming software that an online casino uses.  If they are using Microgaming or Cryptologic software it is most likely a legitimate site.  This is because both Mircogaming and Cryptologic are very strict about who they grant licensing to.  A site using one of these two software options is most likely a safe bet.

The withdrawal and deposit banking options that the casino offers can also be a telltale sign.  For example, if the site is using PayPal they are more likely to be a legitimate site.  This is due to the fact that PayPal is very selective as to whom they will do business.  If the casino only allows Bitcoin or s prepaid voucher system players may want to do some more research before signing up to play.

There are several websites and forums that allow you to connect with other players to discuss the legitimacy of an online Casino.  If you have concerns about a certain casino these sites and forums are typically a good place to start to read about first hand experiences of other players.  They will typically be more honest about pay outs, the quality of games, and whether or not a particular website is scamming people out of money.  Remember to take complaints with a grain a salt.  If one person is complaining about delayed payouts it could be that they did not follow the sites terms and conditions which is resulting in the delay.  However, if you see several people making the same types of complaints that is most likely a red flag.

The best thing for players to do is to stick to the popular and reputable sites.  These are the casinos that you will have to worry the least about since they are the most established.  A quick web search of the most popular online casinos will proved users with hundred of options that have been proven to be safe and legitimate.  

As with anything online there are obvious dangers that can lurk in the shadows, especially when it comes to online casinos.  It is a player’s responsibly to do their due diligence.  It is also their responsibility to be aware of the gambling laws where they live.

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