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How to Tell Corrupt Judges and Attorneys to Fu*k Off and Make Them so Afraid of You that They Piss in Their Pants

If do not know how the legal system really works, the information and video in this article may confuse you or make you wonder if any of it is true. As a person who have studied contract law and trust law, and how the legal system works from behind the scene, I can confidently say that the information about the legal system that Dean Clifford shares in the video at the end of this article is mostly accurate.

Dean Clifford is the type of guy who is not afraid to tell you exactly how he feels and he is not afraid to express his feelings using swear words. Dean did use a lot of swear words in the video, so you may want to turn down the volume when watching it or use a headphone to listen to the audio.

If you want to learn how to defend your rights and make corrupt judges and attorneys piss in their pants every time they see you, study Natural Law, trust law and contract law, and learn how to use them to defend your rights. Trust law and contract law are the highest forms of man’s law. One of the best websites that teaches you how to effectively defend your natural rights is

It is wise not to rely on attorneys to defend your rights, because attorneys are officers of the court. To be more accurate, they are agents of the Crown Temple and therefore are FOREIGN agents. The reason why attorneys are foreign agents is due to the fact that they have to swear an allegiance to the Crown Temple before they can get a license to LEGALLY practice law. The Crown Temple is the same organization that the American people back in the 1700s fought against during the American War of Independence. Do you realize how serious this is?

As for Natural Law, it is above all laws made by man or the government and therefore it is the supreme law. Natural Law is a group of Spiritual Laws that governs the dynamics of the Universe. These laws are the Laws of Nature. They are immutable and everything in the Universe is bound to them. Some people refer to Natural Law as God’s Law. To learn about Natural Law, download or view my second seminar and study the information in it.

The video created by Dean Clifford at the end of this article is a must watch for people who want to learn how to make judges and attorneys run away from them like frightened little kids. As always, use your feelings and intuition to discern the following video.

The Beginning Is Here with Dean Clifford – 11 September 2015

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