Cancer cure donations fund research to develop new ways to induce cancer

Your donations to the Canadian Cancer Society or the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) are not going to finding a cure for cancer, they are being used to fund research and development of new ways to induce cancer.   The Canadian Cancer Society and AACR have been researching and developing new ways to induce cancer, as rapidly as possible using the $billions that are donated each year in the Crown (Pope) controlled Canada and the UNITED STATES (1871 est. Crown Corporation).

The American Association for Cancer Research paper on – Rapid Induction of Sarcomas in Rats by Combination of Nickel Sulfide and 3,4-Benzpyrene gives us concrete evidence that research donations is being fraudulently misused to fund cancer inducing research.  Sarcomas is another word for cancer.   The report reveals evidence of how known carcinogens can be  used to induce cancer.

Benzpyrene and Nickel Sulfide are both classified as “carcinogenic to humans”, or “probably carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)”, or is a “Known Carcinogen” by the National Toxicology Program (NTP).

Cancer causing Benzpyrene is intentionally used for preparation of vaccine strainsand for inducing diabetes in test subjects.

Nickel is an ingredient of hydrogenated oils (margarine, commercial peanut butter and shortening) and cigarette smoke. Nickel triggers more hypersensitive reactions than any other metal. Peanut butter’s serious, even fatal, anaphylactic reaction are caused by its nickel content.  Why the pharmaceutical company Merck intentionally manufacture its vaccines using up to 65% of peanut oil?  Intentionally induce Anaphylaxis – mass murder??

Healthy human beings are intentionally infected with cancer by the Health Care agencies of the governments of Canada & the United States.  Their heinous crimes against humanity supports the multi $billion cancer cure research fraud scheme.  Canadians and Americans are defrauded into donating $billions each year to the various Canadian and US Cancer Research Corporations.  Canadians & Americans are donating to organized criminal organizations and agencies that have no intention on finding cancer cures.  Donations are not being used to find a cancer cure.  Donations are being used to develop new ways to induced cancer, for manufacturing of cancer causing drugs and for advertising – to solicit more money.

The Canadian and US governments and their licensed and regulated physicians know and have known for decades what causes cancer and how to “cure” cancer but purposely and maliciously do not use that guarded knowledge to prevent or cure cancer.  They know that cancer is neither hereditary nor contagious.  Cancer is induced by excessive consumption of refined sugar (table sugar, soda pops, sugar candy & sweets), exposure to radiation (Chemoradiation, radiology, mammograms, CT scans, airport screening, irradiated food) and by carcinogenic chemicals that are intentionally used to manufacture vaccines, flu shots, insulin and prescription drugs.  They know cancer can only thrive when your body’s ph levels are acidic. Refined sugar – table sugar, soda pop, sugar candy, sweets – and radition exposure (Chemoradiation, radiology, mammograms, CT scans, airport screening, food microwaving, irradiation & pasturization) lowers your body’s pH level to cancer causing acidic levels.

The US and Crown (Pope) controlled Canadian governments and their health departments, agencies and physicians have known for decades that refined sugar not only causes cancer, it fuels cancer. The cure for all forms of cancer is to eliminate the causes – refined sugar and radiation exposure.  By eliminating refined sugar consumption and all exposure to radiation your body’s pH levels returns to its healthy alkaline pH levels.  Cancer cells cannot survive and die in an alkaline pH environment.

Cancer thrives in acidic pH environment

If you had a loved one die of cancer or you know of someone who is dying because of cancer, sue your government, the Cancer research organizations (in Canada – the Canadian Cancer Society or in the US – the American Association for Cancer Research) and the physician.  They know exactly what causes cancer and they know what cures cancer.  They, with  malice aforethought, caused or are causing the death of your loved one.  They administer drugs (noxious poisons) and medical procedures that they knew/know would induce cancer and cause the cancer to thrive until it killed your loved one.

If a person dies as the result of poisoning our laws deems the death to be the heinous criminal offense of first degree murder. Negligent homicide is to knowingly and intentionally cause a person to die by withholding (not performing) life saving procedures.   Passive euthanasia is the starvation or de-hydration, or withholding of any life-preserving procedures.  Canadian Cancer Society or the American Association for Cancer Research have caused the death of millions – mass murder – by withholding, with  malice aforethought, the life-preserving cancer cures.

According to research done by the University College London and by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, M.D., a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), cancer is caused by refined sugar consumption. Incomplete refined sugar metabolism results in the formation of ‘toxic metabolite’ such as pyruvic acid and abnormal sugars containing five carbon atoms.

Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system causing neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, ALS … and the abnormal sugars containing five carbon atoms accumulates in the red blood cells causing cancer.

These toxic metabolites interfere with the respiration of the brain cells and red blood cells. Your body’s brain and red blood cells cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and function normally. In time, some of the cells die. This interferes with the normal function of a part of the body and is the beginning of the degenerative disease called cancer. This means that every time you down a Pepsi, Coke or Mountain Dew soda pop (all laden with several teaspoons of refined sugar) or eat a piece of cake, or add sugar to your Tim Hortons coffee or eat anything with refined sugar in it your body produces toxic chemicals that not only causes cancer cells to form, but also to grow in size and spread throughout your body.

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