Facebook May Introduce ‘Facial Recognition’ Amid Testing New Features

The social media giant, Facebook, is planning to test new features and partner up with news organizations.

Following the iPhone’s introduction of a facial recognition feature on their newest phones, Facebook is aiming to introduce this futuristic tool too.

However, this feature will be available on devices that were previously used to sign in on the social network. According to Facebook, it will enhance security and along with two-factor authentications will help confirm a user’s identity.

​In some cases, when restoring an account, Facebook will also ask to identify photos of friends on the social network.

It is still unknown when Facebook plans to introduce this feature for its users. As TechCrunch reported, at this stage the company plans to find out how useful this feature is and how safe is it from hackers.

Facebook is also about to start its news subscriptions, which will allow readers to subscribe to news organizations directly through Facebook.

Prominent news outlets that will reportedly partner up with Facebook are The Washington Post, The Economist, Tronc and Hearst. There will also be some German publishers among the European representatives.

Furthermore, the news subscriptions program will include around two dozen different outlets, about 90 percent of them newspapers.

But some news outlets have already pulled their work from Facebook such as The New York Times, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

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