Mother who refused to vaccinate her son loses primary custody

The Michigan mother sent to jail after refusing to comply with a court order to vaccinate her 9-year old son has more legal woes. Rebecca Bredow lost primary custody of the boy Wednesday. She will now split custody 50/50 with the child’s father James Horne.

Before Bredow went to jail, she had primary custody. She was released from the Oakland County jail early Monday. She thought she would be reunited with her son, but he remained with his father. While she was in jail, Horne was granted temporary custody of their son, and the boy received four immunizations Monday.

A referee assigned to the custody case decided the boy’s father should have joint custody. Judge Karen McDonald who sent Bredow to jail for not complying with her order, agreed, and approved the referee’s recommendation.

The mother left mediation Wednesday devastated. “Today was supposed to be a review on vaccinations,” Bredow said. “I wasn’t expecting to lose primary custody today of my son. I feel a bit spun around and in shock expecting him to come home today and I’m a little upset.”

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