12 reasons Michelle Obama will run in 2020


Is she or isn’t she?

That’s the question about Michelle Obama’s intentions regarding a possible run for president in 2020. While she has consistently denied any interest in running, how plausible does that really sound? If the Democratic Party needed her and pleaded with her to run, does anyone really doubt she would?

Here, then, are 12 reasons she will.

  1. She outpolls all other Democrats:According to a Zogby poll last month, she leads the pack of potential Democratic candidates, despite her insistence that she would “never run.” The only others even close are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders – two very old white men. That’s simply not going to work for the Democratic Party. In other words, Democratic primary voters want Michelle. She’s their dream candidate for 2020. She excites the Democratic Party base.
  2. She wouldn’t be the first to deny her real intention:TWICE Hillary Clinton ruled out running for president and then did exactly that – in 2008 and again in 2012. It was the smart thing to do then, and it’s the smart thing to do now.
  3. There’s simply no one else:Look at the potential candidate for the Democrats! Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – are you kidding? It’s almost a joke. You don’t think Barack and Michelle Obama realize that? Hillary Clinton doesn’t even register on the polls.
  4. It’s smart to play hard to get – and that’s what she’s doing:It’s way too early for any serious candidate to throw his or her hat into the ring. Any candidate who does so now is not a serious candidate.
  5. Even on an unauthorized fake Facebook page she’s got nearly 500,000 supporters:Impressive, no? She’s also the darling of Twitter.
  6. She detests Trump and needs to restore the Obama legacy he “stole”:If she really perceived she could win, why wouldn’t she run? Her children will be grown. She will be bored in another year out of the limelight.

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