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Millennials say no to kids, population ‘replacement level’ turns negative

America is in a “baby bust,” driven by millennials who are having kids at record low rates, according to a new report that warns America is no longer making enough babies to keep pace with deaths.

While moms need to have 2.1 births to keep pace with deaths, a number last hit in 2010, it has dropped dramatically to just 1.8, according to a report from the Negative Population Growth Inc., which cheers negative growth.

“The fertility rate decline is driven entirely by millennial mothers in their teens and twenties,” said the report. “Birth rates for all age groups of women under 30 fell to record lows in 2016,” it added.

The trend is also being seen among immigrant millennials, said the report. While immigrants have a record of producing more babies than the native population, the report found a huge shift. The group’s analysis said:

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