DEATH OF HUMANITY: AI sex dolls are just around the corner

The sex doll industry is on the verge of greatness, in its own special way. Soon the Stepford Wives of science fiction will become real, thanks to the magic of AI.

Men will be able to create their perfect, subservient silicon partner that knows their hopes, dreams, fears, and fantasies. She’ll never have a headache, she’ll always be ready to satisfy you, and when you’re not in the mood, she’ll able to converse like a real human.

This is futuristic vision is becoming a reality, fast. RealDoll is one of the biggest sex doll manufacturers in the world and it’s aiming to have an interactive doll on the market by the year’s end. Founder Matt McMullen has started another company, RealBotix, to focus on this revolution.

To complete the quest of the first proper artificial partner, McMullen and his team have created ‘Harmony AI’ that will be able to link up with virtual reality to create a complete sexual ecosystem that we can’t truly imagine right now.

So it’s clear we’re only moments away from being able to enjoy artificial partners, but is this a road that we should go down? I’d say this is an extremely important question and it’s one that’s becoming more and more prominent, especially in feminist circles, which see the rise of the sexbots as a dangerous and unhealthy solution that could cause the objectification and subjugation of women on a grand scale.

There is also a counter argument from “men’s rights groups” that women have weaponized sex for centuries and turned it into a source of income and a means of control. The feel the pushback from women is cause by the fact that women will lose their position of power as men can turn to robots to satisfy their baser needs.

One way or another, an alternative like an AI-powered sex doll could change the sexual dynamic forever — and it looks like it will happen whether we like it or not.

The ethical discussion surrounding sex robots has hit us hard and fast, and will only become a bigger part of our lives as technological advancements start happening at a faster rate. We’ve seen robots in movies for decades, but rapid progress by the sexbot industry means we suddenly have robots that can interact with us on a basic level.