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Fending off Libel Suit, BuzzFeed is on Mission Impossible to Prove ‘Trump Dossier’ is Fact-based

Ultra-liberal trash site BuzzFeed – memorably excoriated by Trump as a ‘failing pile of garbage’ at his first press conference since becoming president – has been under-fire ever since it published that fake ‘golden-shower’ dossier, and for good reason.

Its ‘serious’ reports on ‘Russiagate’ are all unsubstantiated nonsense that has actively jeopardized US democracy by giving legs to a now-sprawling witch-hunt ‘investigation’, damaging people and careers in the process – not least the American president’s.

Aleksej Gubarev, Russian tech start-up expert and CEO of Webzilla and XBT Holdings, was alleged in the documents to have helped Russia ‘hack the US elections.’ He has since filed a libel suit against BuzzFeed, which has been unable to get the case thrown out of a Miami courtroom for lack of jurisdiction.

In addition, the US Department of Justice has thrown out BuzzFeed’s lawyers’ argument that libel constitutes ‘fair reporting privilege,’ so the New York City outlet has now taken it upon itself to prove the dossier’s allegations – something any legitimate media outlet would have done before publishing it.

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