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Unexplained Megacryometeors Are Falling on California Homes

To add to the seemingly increasing strangeness overhead in our skies, reports of so-called megacryometeors have been increasing lately. These anomalous balls of ice are believed to either fall from aircraft overhead or be the result of some unknown atmospheric activity. In many cases, however, aviation authorities claim no aircraft had overhead at the time of megacryometeors falling. Case in point: two California homeowners got the scares of their lives this week as anomalous massive chunks of ice fell from the skies, crashing through their homes and generally scaring the pants off of everyone. Like in most cases, the Federal Aviation Administration claims it knows nothing. The first case happened in San Bernardino, California at the home of 82-year-old Claudell Curry. Curry and his wife were enjoying a quiet evening at home on Sunday, December 10 when a horrible crashing sound came from their bedroom.

Upon entering their bedroom, the Currys found chunks of clear ice lying and debris from their ceiling littering the room. Had they been in bed, Curry told the San Bernardino Sun, the result would have been quite different:

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