Catastrophic Failure: Democrats Long-Held Strategy Of ‘Divide And Conquer’ Has Blown Up In Their Faces

It is no secret to most of us conservative patriots that, in addition to incrementalism, the left’s favorite tactic is divide and conquer. In one sense they have succeeded, setting Blacks against Whites, Demoncraps against Republicans, women against men, perverts against straights, and so on.

But I am reminded of the admonition: “Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.” For the leftists have splintered their own movement into warring factions who, while denouncing “hate” actually hate one another as much as they hate us. Identity politics is doomed to catastrophic failure. Consider the groups who still support the Demoncrap, or Communist Party.

First, there are the traditional leftists, including the loveable “liberals.” Living as I do in the People’s Republic of California, ruled by Jerry Moonbeam, I know them all too well; they virtually surround me. They tend to be symbol oriented, meaning that they are not into deeds (like working at truly productive occupations) and believe in words…and the left is very, very good at rhetoric. Leftist elites say the prettiest things, and their UI (Useful Idiot) followers believe them.

Women tend to be more verbal than men on the average…and are more prone to be leftists. Lawyers and college English teachers deal with words, and tend to be leftists. (By contrast, engineers, farmers, and ranchers deal with real things and do real deeds and tend to be more conservative). Leftists often live in a bubble or echo chamber and deal only with others of their own kind and hear only their own opinions (given to them by government, academia, and the slimestream media) bouncing back at them. They never have to defend their opinions in open and honest debate.

They are the ultimate conformists (although they see themselves as intellectual freethinkers). And they are incredibly egotistical…vanity, remember, is Satan’s favorite sin. Like eighteenth century European aristocrats, they simply assume that they are superior to us “deplorables” and “bitter clingers.” Their masters seduce them by telling them that if they accept an ideological package deal without question it will prove that they are bold, daring, sexy, intellectual, and compassionate.

Many of us patriots began as young “liberals,” including myself and even such famous figures as Joseph Farah of, and Bill Jasper, Senior Editor of the Birch Society’s New American magazine. Gradually, we realized the error of our ways and possessed sufficient humility to admit that we were wrong, that, in fact, we had been played for fools. As more and more of the truth is exposed many leftists will convert. But most are too proud, too arrogant to admit that not only are they not superior to the rest of us, but that they have been self-deluded fools. They will double down and move further into the darkness. Their choice.

Then there are the radical feminists. They are leftist as well, of course, and many of them are lesbians. Supposedly they stand for women’s “rights,” but they all adored Slick Willy Clinton, who abused and even raped women, and probably had former WH intern Mary Mahoney and her co-workers murdered. And feminists just love Muslims, who murder their own wives and daughters, practice female circumcision, and force their women to wear black sacks over their heads.

In fact, feminists are what I call “againsters,” people who pretend to be for something, but are really nihilistic haters who are against almost everything. Aside from their desire to butcher unborn babies, feminists are united in their hatred and contempt for men. We can thank Adam Weishaupt himself for inspiring modern feminism. So already we can see a split in the left, between the men and the women.

The ranks of sexual perverts now include not only homosexuals and lesbians, but an ever-growing variety of trans-genders, sexually mutilated, or hormone-injected creatures. For a time their preferred abbreviated title was LGBT, but we can call them “Glibetts,” for GLBT. Of course, they have expanded their title, adding more and more letters, and demand that they be addressed by their preferred imaginary pronouns and want people who fail to guess their preference to be jailed for using the wrong pronoun. And they demand access to all bathrooms and shower facilities of both sexes, and are agressively pushing their agenda in the indoc centers formerly known as “public schools,” seeking to twist our children into little versions of themselves.

They claim to be a large minority of the population, but Gallup polls show that all of them together, homosexuals (I will not give them “gay”), lesbians, and the mutilated, make up only 3.8% of the US population…a shrill, strident minority. They have, however, contributed far more than their share of serial killers. Their relationship with heterosexual leftists is sketchy at best, and Muslims profess to hate them (but then Muslims hate everyone and everything on Earth, including each other). It is sobering to reflect that even Hitler, Stalin, and Mao never tried to force the pervert agenda on their people…but it’s happening here in the land of the “free.”

Black people have traditionally voted for the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and eugenics…the Demoncraps. Blacks make up only 13.3% of our population, but commit roughly half of all the crimes, and a disproportionate number of them are on welfare. Despite being the beneficiaries of the welfare, and affirmative action and quotas, they still pretend to be “oppressed.” Not a day goes by without Whites and others being robbed, raped, and murdered by Blacks, who have murdered White infants and tortured Whites to death, but the poor babies still pretend that they are the victims of racism.

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