Grassroots Group Urges Major Retailers to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Again

President Donald Trump famously declared that “we’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.” With Christmas less than two weeks away, however, numerous major retailers have decided to forgo saying “Merry Christmas” altogether or are sticking with the politically correct “Happy Holidays” greeting.

But a nonprofit group dedicated to combatting political correctness and protecting religious freedoms is fighting back with a new initiative called Bring Back Christmas. Their goal: urge retailers to return Christmas to its rightful place in American culture.

We Celebrate US, co-founded by Bob Conti and Beverly Zaslow, says its mission is to “bring attention to the retail stores, local governments, and other establishments who prohibit public displays of Christmas” and to “persuade them to say Merry Christmas again.” To do that, the group is providing citizens with a handy “Naughty and Nice” list of major stores that say “Merry Christmas” to customers and those that do not.