New York Police Issue Warning for Mysterious Hybrid ‘Coywolf’

Look at that strange beast in the shadows! It’s a wolf! It’s a coyote! No, it’s a…coywolf? Um, sure. That’s what the Clarkstown Police Department in Rockland County, New York have claimed is responsible for a number of reported sightings of a strange, grey creature roaming around the city of Congers. Several residents reported seeing a large, dog-like animal lurking about, and even stalking human prey. Clarkstown Police have even managed to capture a photo of the beast.

One local man, Sean McCormack, recounted to CBS New York reporters how he watched one of the mysterious animals seemingly hunting one of his neighbors as she walked her trash to the curb:

It looks larger than your average coyote. It seemed to be stalking her and kind of followed her back up onto her driveway. Very scary, yeah, very scary.

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