NFL Stadiums Look Like Ghost Towns As Attendance Crisis Continues

The plague of empty seats which has befallen the National Football League reached biblical proportions this week, as teams continued to find it hard to fill stadiums.

Naturally, a large number of players also continued their anti-American protests during the playing of the national anthem as Week 14 rolled into stadiums everywhere. And as a result, ticket prices are plummeting.

The league is having such a tough time finding fans to fill seats that some tickets are selling for the unheard of price of three dollars a seat, Breitbart Sports reported on Sunday. In many cases tickets are selling for prices lower than the cost of buying a beer or a hot dog in most stadiums!

But even at these near give-away prices, photos of empty stadiums are still chocking social media as the league’s Week 14 begins.

While the Green Bay Packers downed the Cleveland Browns in a 27-21 final, not many fans were around to see the loss at FirstEnergy Stadium. A sea of empty bright orange seats filled the stadium:

3 Replies to “NFL Stadiums Look Like Ghost Towns As Attendance Crisis Continues

  1. Just so you know Govtslaves, dropping disqus was not a good idea. Suicidal for the site maybe. It allowed for easy commenting and discussion, which will be lacking from now on.

    Good luck.

  2. Bull! I watched the Eagles-Rams game last night. 80,000 seat stadium filled to near capacity. Eagles sell out all the time. Cleveland is 0-13. Of course they’re going to have lousy attendance! You picked the one team in the league with a lousy record to prove your point?


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