One Graph Shows Why Half of Americans Hate the Mainstream Media

Americans trust the mainstream media less and less, and a new study shows that it’s due to the overwhelmingly negative media coverage of President Donald Trump.

Newsbusters, which is a part of the Media Research Center, has been following this story all year and found that from September through November 2017, the mainstream media’s coverage of the president was 90 percent negative.

Again — that’s 90 percent negative. The American people are getting tired of it. The study includes ABC, CBS and NBC News.

In November, for example, there were only 33 positive comments about Trump made by reporters and anchors, as opposed to 320 negative comments.

Take a look at the astonishing numbers:

NBC News even reported on a Pew Research Center study that found a whopping 62 percent of the mainstream media coverage of President Trump has been negative since his inauguration.