Samsung patent envisions palm scanning for remembering forgotten passwords

Samsung is proud for having the highest number of security features on its latest flagships, offering no less than five different methods (iris, facial recognition, fingerprint, pattern, and pin) for keeping the device locked and protected. Samsung also seems to be working on ways to ensure those who use a password for their device and tend to forget it can easily get a hint for what their password might be, or at least that’s what a patent application by the company suggests.

Palm scanning for more than just telling your future

Everyone knows a person’s palm can have a myriad of lines that differ for each individual, and while palm readers might be using these for foretelling your future, Samsung thinks it can be used to help users remember their password by hiding the hint in those scattered palm lines. This isn’t a method for unlocking similar to iris or fingerprint scanning; instead, Samsung wants to use palm scanning to ensure that the user requesting for the password hint is the owner of the device.

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