Why America’s Law Enforcement Empire Resembles Secret Police in a Dictatorship

Secret police are characteristic of dictatorships, or so goes the conventional thinking on the subject. Police in democracies operate for the most part transparently and within a set of rules and guidelines that limits their ability to gratuitously punish citizens who have done nothing wrong. If a policeman operating under rule-of-law steps out of line, he can be held accountable. That is also conventional thinking.

But what happens when an ostensibly “democratic” police force becomes corrupted and starts doing things that are outside its zone of responsibility, and does so to benefit a political relationship that will in turn protect those who have broken the law under cover of carrying out their official duties? That is the characteristic of what we have been calling a “deep state,” where forces drawn generally from the political class and security services conspire together to control what the public is allowed to know while also manipulating nuisances like elections to make sure that the “correct” outcome emerges.

Indeed, deep state operating in a democracy or republic is far more dangerous that the secret police in a dictatorship. That is because in a system where the forces of the state are all-powerful, nearly everyone expects that what they read and what the government says is all a lie. In a democratic system there is what intelligence officers would refer to as plausible denial, which means that even when the government is behaving very badly much of the public will believe that it is acting honorably because they want to trust that the system works. And when the deep state includes management of the media, many citizens will likewise believe what they are reading or hearing is honest reporting, even when it is not.

Due to the events of the past year in particular, many Americans have become convinced that there now exists something like a secret police operating in the United States that is a fusion of some political dealmakers with certain politicized elements in the intelligence and security services. However one regards President Donald Trump and his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, there is nevertheless something odd in terms of how they have been investigated and, in the case of Flynn, legally entrapped to convict him of lying to the FBI to force him to cut a deal with the Special Counsel inquiry headed by Robert Mueller.

Consider how, even though meeting with Russians is not illegal, Trump and his associates have been subjected to secret investigation of their Russian ties for nearly two years without any revelations apart from the fact that it was Israel, not Russia, that colluded to undermine White House policy. FBI Director James Comey’s antics during the primaries and electoral campaign, in which he first exonerated and then complained about Hillary Clinton while at the same time validating a dossier full of largely questionable information about Donald Trump’s dealings with Russia provides clear evidence of an organization that has lost its bearings and has become a politicized agent of an incumbency that has itself become corrupted and believes itself to be above the law. And then there is the Central Intelligence Agency’s own John Brennan working with the FBI to undermine the Trumps, illegally digging up dirt from the liaison intelligence partners in Europe and the Middle East.

America’s law enforcement empire has all the characteristics of secret police in a dictatorship. It is not transparent in its actions, has a history of bending the rules to obtain convictions, and its officers are rarely held accountable. It has also been politicized. And to be sure, one should recognize that there are two additional factors driving the growth and transformation of the national security state in the U.S. First is the intense dislike that the top levels of the American intelligence and police agencies have for Donald Trump personally, a contempt that Trump himself has largely earned by his scorn for much of the government that he inherited. Second is the “trust the authorities” culture that has grown up since 9/11, reinforced by fearmongering on the part of the government to justify executive overreach and enabled through anti-terror legislation that has unleashed the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency (NSA) to act with impunity while suffering no consequences whatsoever.

3 Replies to “Why America’s Law Enforcement Empire Resembles Secret Police in a Dictatorship

  1. Of course, any dictator government never tells it’s people that they are really living under a dictatorship, they tell them that they are the freest people in the world, that is how the whole thing works, thus, we have ‘democracy’ in the west, which in reality is a total lockdown, with fake history, fake news, false-flag attacks on our own peoples by the malevolent traitorous infiltrated Jewish agents in power in the western governments to trick our peoples into attacks on other gentile peoples in other nations, slavery under usury/fractional reserve banking economies with fiat currencies, fake medicines to poison and debilitate our bodies and even give us brain damage, even in the womb with mercury, aluminium etc. from vaccines for tetanus or other diseases given to pregnant women or those intending to become pregnant, and fluoride and aluminium in food, ‘medicine’, and drinking and bathing water, and just after birth, not only by vaccines given to the baby, but also by the premature severing or tying off of the umbilical cord, before the lungs in the newborn have had chance to inflate and thus be able to pump oxygenated blood to the brain, which normally takes up to 20 minutes, during which time the cord must be left intact and untied, as long as a pulse exists in it, though in longer births, some of the process of pumping up the vascular system of the lungs with blood may already have commenced before the baby exits the birth canal.

    It has been known for over 200 years that to sever or tie off the umbilical cord prematurely will result in permanent debility in the child, yet this utterly barbaric, sadistic, destructive and permanently damaging practice is entirely deliberate and intentional standard procedure in almost every hospital, affecting 95% of all babies in the US for example, because our governments are treating us all just like chickens in an intensive farm, who must be debeaked to stop us pecking each other (or themselves, who are our jailers, slave-owners, and intensive farmers) to death. The medical facts regarding this have been established, as I say, for over 200 years, so the Jew-controlled medical establishment cannot honestly plead simple ignorance or sincere good intent. But of course, they ‘have not heard this’, so continue the sadistic butchery they call medicine unabated.

    We have been getting systematically destroyed since WWII was won by the Jews. Unless the world wakes up, and breaks free, the Coudenhove Kalergi Program etc. will succeed in so weakening the white race and obliterating it’s genome, that the Jewish foe will have succeeded in their most audacious and cunning strategy by very heavy infiltration and subversion of all our major institutions, political, medical, religious, educational, etc.,to destroy us all from within by apparent mismanagement by our own, when what we actually have are enemy agents of a quite different, and highly malevolent race that is actually waging intense war against us all, actually displacing our own leadership, and simply erasing our gentile peoples from this world by one means or another, their Jewish agents operating in positions of influence and authority all around us.

    It is a life or death situation for our entire race, and for all other races.

  2. Absolutely true. We live in a dictatorship masquerading as a “democracy” and our police force is not better than the KGB.

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