PayPal Blocking Donations to……AGAIN

Here we go again. Another loyal supporter of this site sent me the following message:

Hey Tom, I have sent a few donations and just tried to donate $50 more, but PayPal blocks me as I don’t have an account with them and loathe and despise their company and owners. You are losing donations as I am not alone in this thought. I value your information and am in agreement with you. Let me know *******

Unfortunately this is an ongoing problem. Over the last month13 donations have been stuck in pending. And 51 completely blocked since I started accepting donations.

Honestly, worrying about donations isn’t my top priority. I would continue to update even if no one donated a penny. I’m not in this for the money, I’m in it for the fight.

Over the next week or so i will try to find a better alternative to ‘slavepal’.

In the meantime if your one of the 64 readers who had their donation blocked and want to support the site please try the link below.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out over the last few months, I’m very thankful.

Thomas @ Gov’t Slaves$GOVTSLAVES