READERS: Please submit IMPORTANT video links before YouTube DELETES them

As most know YouTube censorship has reached Civil War proportions. Infowars, Natural News, and countless others are having all of their content DELETED. Day by day it’s getting harder to find video evidence of the Parkland shooting, Vegas shooting, 9/11 and many other crucial topics the establishment would not like us to know the truth about.

As a result of the insane censorship that has been taking place over the last few weeks, I started looking into hosting videos on the Gov’t Slaves server, and this morning purchased a nice upgrade for the site that will allow me to upload videos to our independent platform. This upgrade will enable us to bypass YouTube censorship, ads, and more importantly create copies of videos they are quietly deleting.

This is where I need your help; there are thousands of essential videos out there that need to be downloaded from YouTube before they get deleted. If you happen to run across something on YouTube that you feel is important for our readership, please leave a link to the video in the comments section for review or send to me via email at I will download it, and then start the painstaking task of uploading some of these videos to our server where they can’t be erased, or memory holed.

Thanks for all your help, Thomas @ Gov’t Slaves

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