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Real Temple of Doom With Evidence of Heart Ripping Found in Peru

Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Grab

There is little disagreement that the darkest, creepiest and most violent movie in the “Indiana Jones” series is “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.” Set in India, it shows child slavery, human sacrifice and the memorable yet horrible scene of Mola Ram ripping the heart out of a victim with his hand. Viewers hoped this was not based on a true story, and it wasn’t … at least, not in India. Unfortunately, archeologists in Peru have uncovered tombs from an ancient pre-Incan culture which contain evidence that children had their hearts ripped out in sacrifices to appeal to the gods of weather.

According to the Peruvian news source Andina, the remains were discovered by construction workers digging in preparation to lay water pipes in Huanchaco on the northwestern coast of Peru. They stopped when they uncovered the remains of 47 humans, 12 of whom were children, and called in archeologists who identified them as members of the Chimú culture which rose around 900 CE and survived until it was conquered by the Incas around 1470, just 50 years before the first wave of Europeans arrived. While historically significant, the findings were gruesome.

“What they [Chimú] wanted to do with the presence of the children in this arid area is to attract rain, to improve cultivation.”

By “presence” of children, Victor Campos, director at the archaeological site, explained to Newsweek he meant that the remains of the children buried there showed that their chests had been cut open and their ribs damaged – strong evidence that their hearts had been ripped out as part of a ghastly sacrifice to ironically do what the construction workers who discovered them were doing … bring water to the area.