A Theory on the Relationship between Mainstream Media Deceit and Satanism: A Case Study on Gun Control and Alleged Mass Shootings: Part 1

This article was written by a reader who wished to remain anonymous.

It is obvious to many souls all kinds of people are engaged in “fake news” these days as this allegation has been flying all over the place—especially since Donald Trump won the Republican primary and began to run for  US president.

In response then-candidate and later President Donald Trump called CNN fake news, as well as much of the mainstream media and other sections of the powers-that-be within and outside the DEEP STATE (and deservingly so). Congress committees have heard hearings inquiring into alternative Internet news as “fake news”. We are basically at a point when anything that does not jibe with what one personally wants to believe can be, and often is, labeled faked news (and thus there are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there).

No more does a free society have process to legitimately argue from different points of view—whence the very word ‘argue’ from Latin meant “to clarify” (which is why lawyers argue in court). Now one simply claims the opponent is unworthy of consideration “ ‘con’ (with) + ‘sider’ (star) as in musing notions under the night sky in a more elevated manner. Now it is more like taking away one’s license to practice law if enough of the legal system has been monopolized by a conspiratorial cabal. What was the Star Chamber?

Before the socialist left burns the likes of E. D. Hirsch Jr.’s The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy “Star Chamber” is therein defined: “a royal court that began in England in the Middle Ages; cases were heard there without juries. Under the Stuart Kings it was known for tyrannical judgments. The name came from the room’s ceiling which was painted with stars.”

So some similitude of cosmic stars painted above a meeting hall of mere human pates eyeballing each other doesn’t necessarily mean all manner of contemplation is necessarily that enlightening—save for maybe the cleaning lady who has more time to contemplate thee more esoteric of phenomenon.

America’s (and also the rest of the Western world) is all burgeoning with a phenomenon of fake news, or deceit news, or disinformation, as this is reflective of how corrupt this country and the West has become. So ironically the Russians are not just messing with colluding in the United States but rather they are also intervening in all manner of internal affairs of European countries as well. There is little doubt that propaganda has become and International Affair.

When the United States just passed a federal budget for 1.3 trillion dollars for the upcoming year—we need to ask ourselves “how many people can this amount of money corrupt” and the answer is pretty much the entire city and beltway of Washington DC. Yes, people, we, live in a seriously, seriously corrupt society—so never underestimate your naïveté or how corrupt politics has become—you could be shocked to learn how seriously dangerous things have become for the average American as he and she is lied to over and over and over again—and yet this is merely one outline from one non-insider. But never dismiss an idea that sounds impossible and improbable simply because your imagination cannot immediately understand how such an allegation made sound so absurd.

First of all there must be some reason why there are so many people saying lies are everywhere—especially in the once deified news industry. And yes fake news is truly predominant; but the question is which groups are responsible for corroborating fake news, as various sides accuse opponents of lying and ignorance?

There is no question We the People, as consumers of various news and opinion, are feeling more confused and flabbergasted by the week. Our world of politics and economics is infected with contrarian claims in which any opposition is routinely accused of foul play as in deliberately spreading lies—how Biblical—if you will. Or various peoples’ tune into different streams of content that jibes with their own mindsets while oblivious to opinions in oppositions that society can take less and less for granted as a commons of given assumptions.

Nevertheless to these dilemmas, lies and censorship has always been with humanity and history—and far more than most people would be willing to believe—at least so for modernity (the last couple hundred years—even as modernity has had more printing presses, schools and libraries).

And part of our awareness of the existence of lies, as standard practice today, is there are more sources of information channels that are not all under the control of one or a few hegemonic forces. All manner of idea swirls around us in a kind of Tower of Babel of Biblical proportion—and still half asleep, a great majority are still not seeing how lies are literally surrounding them like snakes ready to strangle much of the body politic. Yes they are told the other side lies but they are not so savvy to questioning their sources of trusted news. The West has become intellectually domesticated—in the sense of becoming intellectually lazy and way too complacently vulnerable.

One reason people scoff at conspiracy theories is they have little imagination to think some human types are sociopathic and conniving enough to violate sacred norms on a routine basis. They assume other people are like they are—decent and law abiding citizens that just want to get along and treat others as equals. But this is not true. Not all groups of peoples want to live in some Utopian society with democratic principles in which all people should be given equal opportunity—this is how the left brainwashes society—pushing this myth onto the naive sheeple. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing—and some of these wolves are very predatory—and far less prone to ethical consideration that most sweetly raised Christians can ever imagine.

[*Note: Mark Dice just came up with a book that should be required reading at every journalism school. It’s called: “The TRUE STORY OF FAKE NEWS: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions” (2017). This book is well written, well researched, well documented, well organized, and very interesting—as well as scholarly and professional. It is an eye-opening primer giving a basic, but also encompassing, introduction to how far the mainstream media has “fallen” into a psychological operation (psy-op) shit-hell of lies and deceits on a grand scale of swamp jungle politics, in which reptilian creature are viciously preying on anything thought as vulnerable. And if there is anything lacking in Mark Dice’s book it is that he does not explain or realize news media deceit is not just a contemporary or passing phase but mainstream media has been lying to the reading public for many, many years, and in very serious and very costly terms to economies, to cultures, and to millions and millions of people who have died in manipulated wars, etc.*]

Lying is so human a trait that it seems necessary to point out that lying was one key defining trait of what people once referred to when they use the religious term ‘satanism’ (although in this essay ‘satanism’ is meant to mean activities and outcomes relevant to real, existential, here-and-now terrestrial terms—having nothing to do with religious belief or supernatural beliefs—as we will still tease out this concept from ancient religious lore to gain perspective on what we can coin “secular satanism” (as a kind of compare and contrast relatedness between myth and human reality).

[*Note: Disclosure Statement: this anonymous writer does not believe in any religion that mankind has essentially created—such as the three Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There may well be a God to explain all the miraculous realities about biology, life and the Cosmos, but no human mortal could ever possibly understand such a God, as in all knowing, all powerful, all presence, etc. Nor can such skepticism allow for any human to claim to speak for such a God—even if such a person claimed to be a prophet, saint, guru, messiah, or claimed to have divinity him or herself (although plenty of historical figures and religions have made these claims as to speak for God). Surely there are miraculous realities regarding life and the skies—but that does not mean the authoritarian religions of the Middle East represent some true divinity. Far from it. Amen*]

With that being said, it is also important to point out that some on the conservative right, especially, have gone so far as to claim that atheism is a form of satanism. While others equate atheism with Communism and wicked ideologies. Others still claim that atheists are prone to the kinds of politics that are somehow ruinous due to more proclivity toward relativistic valuing as being soft on what are supposed to be black and white issues. But these attitudes about atheists are subjective, prejudiced and more often than not delusional. If you truly study the intellectual and behavioral propensities of atheists, on average, versus various believers, you will likely find that atheists, on average, are intelligent, sane, human, open-minded, moral, creative and have backbone and humanity. They are less prone to fall for various forms of superstition and illogical thought processes. In fact one can argue many atheists are at least as moral as are those who need fantasies of eternal punishment from authoritarian deities to get them to make seemingly moral choices and have altruistic feelings.

People who develop a habit of seeing everything from a particular religious point of view—especially when adherent of various sects of the three Abrahamic religions tend to think you must belong to their own particular sect and within their particular religion or you will not be saved (assuming ‘salvation’ is being saved from some terrorism notion of not going to heaven and instead landing in hell) tend to become tunnel visioned to the point the are truly blind.

[*Note: This essay is very interesting as a take on religion most people have never thought about before, but not all are interested in having their religious presumptions questioned—even if intelligently done so. You are seriously invited to read this somewhat long essay—but if you just want to know the scoop on mass shootings as to their reality are news reporting—here is a quick list to references made in mostly the latter part of this essay—you can simply click on the following and they are definitely worth your time:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR8TB1yjmdg   This youtube could disappear quickly. The sane with below referral;




People start collecting items lost during Las Vegas shooting




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I20awcn1-Rg    *]

After all what kind of religion would create such fear-mongering sectarian religious interpretation in the first place, in which they are convinced if you do not believe the same religion you believe they will be damned? One reason for this is because some people live with so much fear of God’s judgment that people cannot step outside their place of religious paranoia (usually unconscious since these same religions overt preach carrots as love and goodness while covertly they threaten with sticks of the need to fear God, to fear supernatural Satan, to fear the terrorist stories in the Book of Revelations, and especially to fear not going to a realm of heaven and instead being thrown in a prison of eternal torture). So if you want to talk about terrorism in modernity—well consider the history of religious demands on various congregants and the eccentric demands from various sects of the three Abrahamic religions—such as to why so many have been pitted against each other—including not just prejudice but war?

There is no more clear example of Stockholm Syndrome anywhere than with religious delusion in which frail ego systems are so worried about death and the after-life—because  the religious system they were born into causes them to be so disturbed that they either screamed from the public square about eternal damnation (preaching is motivated by unconscious fear) or they are admitted to psychiatric facilities and prescribed forms of medications—because they are afraid of death—and what that implies within their religious of going to hell. Yes, really, religious belief can be a form of mental illness.

[*Note: It is unfortunate that this essay delves into the taboo issue of religious politics but unfortunately today’s politics has evolved over many centuries to today’s mindsets, and how much religions have so much to do with todays politics and International conflicts, it almost seems inevitable that we need to delve deeply into topics that have been swept under the rug for way, way too many decades. Besides the psychological study of religious lore does indeed have something to offer even the purist anti-religious student as well as the most devout religious adherent. What we are doing is something most schools of Theology have failed to do—analyze religions from a “political” point of view—that is to say—focus on how does power relationships in religion play out—such as can a God arbitrarily condemn a soul to purgatory and then hell with no fair trial and no legal rights such as an attorney and a right to hear the case against self and to be present so as to counter argument—or do the Gods of the Bible and Koran have the right to whatever whims some Star Chamber Stuart King minions decide?  After all if religious authorities can lay claim to such omniscient powers then certainly worldly leaders of our mere Homo sapient lot will eagerly apply the same claims to their own authority (and ethnic group).

For more on the topic of religion studied from a political perspective see the free online book: “When God Become the Terrorist: Traces Of The Authoritarian Nature of the Three Abrahamic Religions” by Michael Manchester at:


Anyone that has even a passing understanding of Judeo-Christianity, or other Middle Eastern religions, knows such religions were replete with stories about evil devils and good angels, and that one very central activity of Satan, per se, was, and still is, his capacity to engage in deceit and rebellion.

Whereas today people are more prone to think of satanic activity as engaging in blatant crimes with horrific motivations—such as killing people of the Charles Manson flavor—or engaging in rituals where sex is worshipped and bodily fluids are defiled, etc. But we want to stick to what were the chief characteristics of ancient religions from the Middle East—as to most characteristic of the EVIL ONE. After all even in the Bible animals were sacrificed on an Alter and blood spewed in honor of such tribal Gods—but now such religious ritual would be and is called Satanic.

According to dictionary “Angels A to Z: A Who’s Who of the Heavenly Host” ‘Satan’ is the leader of the fallen angels and the embodiment of everything evil, but according to the Hebrew term mastema ‘satan’ it specifically meant “the adversary”, but it also meant “the accuser” (such as claiming Donald Trump was conspiring with the Russians to steal the presidency from Hilary Clinton—but of course if you google “Hillary Clinton Lies” you may still be able to find videos featuring her many examples of deceit. Never-the-less the tax-payer financed Internet (and several big high tech companies which have received tax payer largesse are being scrubbed of multi-dimensional news—that is being censored by electronic corporate state fascism—that is censorship too is a form of lying and thus a form of demonic control).

As many of us raised in Christian households and schools have been taught the figure Lucifer was basically a political actor. He instigated rebellion within the hierarchy of angels in heaven, and apparently lost, as so he was banished from heaven and was thrown into hell where he continues today. Funny how actual historical accounts of civil wars on planet earth and acted out by various factions of mere humans is so reflective of this mythical story derived from ancient Middle Eastern religions? When one side of a rebellion or civil war looses the losers are either killed outright (Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc.) or thrown into prison and maybe tortured (such as Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo with no opportunity of a fair trail or any appeal) or banished from the country (Palestine). And usually there is some leader who is branded as the epitome of evil who is considered the Arch Evil Enemy (Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, the current leader of Iran, Bashar Assad etc. and funny how these evil ones are all despised by the Israelis—image how the American news media is so closely aligned with Zionists).

You see the myths of angels and daemons from ancient Middle East are reflective of the fact that those ancient religions were primarily represented war gods and war propaganda. They had little to do with peace and love accept internally. This is why the so-called Commandments of God telling the Hebrews to kill off these people of that neighboring tribe is not at all reflective of any real mature and ethical religion. Its poppycock no matter how ardently people believe in their religion and claim to love their religion’s God. No just God would put a soul into hell of torture for eternity with no possibility of appeal—this is the exact opposite of fairness and compassion.

Do you remember that psychological terrorism book: “Satan is Alive and Well” by Hal Lindsey? In terrestrial terms it very much is indeed alive—and in the minds of millions and millions (literally billions) who readily buy into the many lies spewed out of the printing presses.

But the noun entity ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’ or the ‘devil’ is very much believed to be a true spiritual and supernatural force operating over the lives and souls of all humanity. People actually believe there is this ego-force spirit of a supernatural essence called Satan, and who has the purpose to make the lives of humans as miserable as possible and moreover to make their afterlife existences even more so—by basically getting them to defect from what they have been taught to believe such as a path of righteousness of honoring God as their allegiance.

[*Note: A person can have a moral code either derived from a religious belief system or from norms of respect that are not conditional on a specific religion. In fact one of the biggest reason for religion is because religions attempt to create norms and ethics for a given population of people—so that people can live within a community and establish some norms and laws of what is considered appropriate and what violations needs various forms of sanctions. So realize this essay is not completely critical of religions. Rather it is about perceiving both the good and the not-so-good realities regarding religious dogmas. Secular laws to create norms of expectations and sanctions form violations. One does not have to abide by a particular religion in order to be ethical, sane or happy. Living within one’s skin and feeling OK about oneself because one does live a life of mostly congruous feeling, that is one has capacity for empathy and sympathy and a sense of fairness to others—while still paying close attention to not being violated by others.*]

Nevertheless peoples can adapt very different sets of value systems and judgments. Not all care as much about other people or groups. Some people do aspire to take advantage of other people, and to lie to get their way, etc. Not all people adapt religious-like altruistic value systems—even if they claim so—or even if they adhere to forms of religion that claims to honor such altruistic values. Some people can lie to others and not feel the least distressed about it—regardless of how much consequence such lies engender—and you could say this is a form of satanism—in the sense that one is basically opportunistically taking advantage of people who seem nice (and naive).

When the mainstream media lie to the American people they are potentially creating all manner of corruption because they usually are working for people and institutions who already have a lot of clout. Furthermore, they are talking about politics and the fates of people. And even they they claim to be reporting facts they can be the most insidious of deceit propagandists in any given society. The power of the press is so eminent that many people assume the media is truth itself and those that work the media are like the equivalent of deities.

It is unfortunate that people are not more skeptical to what they hear and read. Whereas if they do not immediately accept something called a conspiracy theory they immediately close down and shut off further ideas. They show little capacity to want to evaluate or have the self-resourcefulness to judge things. They just want to halt of information flow as no-go.

And it is truly amazing how many seemingly intelligent people, many with various college degrees, are far less rigorous in intellectual acumen than the lazy pap they are spoon-fed from TV news. They simply cannot or will not fathom that such industries are far more dishonest and professionally propagandistic than they would ever imagine. They think evil is something only deprived individuals do—not something entire industries could be recruited and trained to do on a daily basis.

Given all this theory and conspiracy theory, seemingly straying from our topic of main stream media lies and satanism, we now we need to focus on a specific set of lies that are now having a large impact on the United States—namely mainstream media, in cahoots with political operatives of major political parties and the Deep State reporting on mass gun shootings.

Still this framework of religious psychology, that will continue to be interwoven within these essays is important for us to gain perspective to understand that deceit and ethnocentric gaming has been a mainstay way, way before modern man, and namely common man. As most Christians are taught from the first book of the accepted Bible “…in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God…”

This is to equate God’s power with “usage of language” in an ‘author’itarian way (root being ‘author’) to describe it from our presumptions of when mere humans use language (even as there is no supernatural language used in religions). To make claim that the Word was God is to equate human thought patterns as equivalent to what some claim is God’s supernatural will. And naturally every thing we think we know about God or Yahweh or Allah, etc., is pretty much explained in scriptures considered sacred words. Man’s language becomes God’s word. This is not too different from those who claim the flattering “God created man in God’s image” rather than the more probable: “Man created God in man’s image”? So pretty much everything mankind claims to know about God is basically sourced from the writings of mere human mortals—some who claim to be inspired by God directly. Funny how that works.

The term ‘Gospel’ is originally from “God’s spell” as apparently opposed to say a witch’s spell. But what do these spells have in common? Spell is the equivalent of ‘speech’ in the AngloSaxon or Teutonic languages, just as the word ‘God’ is equally from Northern Europe. But we well note some special spells apparently have the equivalent to magical forms of nuance. It is far more than the matter of a dictionary laid out in alphabetical order in order they are correctly spelled.

It is noteworthy the mainstream media as a news empire has basically presented itself with an authoritarian aura—as some industry you just come to trust—because how journalists write their authoritative words and phrases are considered to be so accurate in meaning and nuance that they too are a kind of high priest caste. In their mission of being the interpreter of politics, current events and history they would never cast any harmful spells.

NEVERTHELESS Deceit was always supremely important in some circles even way before the Roman Empire. Usage of spies, war gaming and CONSPIRACIES was all masterful reality in the Middle East way before anything classified as Judah ever existed. Only then lies were sent across generations orally and then randomly when printed alphabets began to take hold first to papyrus and caked brick.

And since there was no separation of Church and State—religions came to play into direct political conflicts as God was always correct—at least to the home team. Surely in places like North Korea and Iran their news media empires are probably telling their home team that Americans are so naive that the average Americans actually thinks he is equal to those in power because that is what Americans are brainwashed to believe when in truth they will say the real satanism in the US is that as politicians and wealthy individuals climb up the power structure they are groomed off any notion that all are equal and instead they are initiated into secret and privileged conclaves in which the masses are considered dumb herds that have to be lied to on a routine basis. That the whole notion of democracy or representational republicanism is a hoax. In such a world lies are values as pragmatic. Truth tellers are the ones labeled as fake news and the fake news people are considered Saints—as all is well in Bizarro World, as the great Justin Raimondo says, in which up is down, black is white, and big is small.

CNN, ABC, NBC, etc., alphabetical soup two-bit characters called news anchors are mere charades and are as replaceable as clouds having no loyalty to even molecule structure (save their over-bloated salaries). They are not hired as people of depth and true intelligence—they exist within various degrees of shallowness—or how else could they live their sham capacities in which they operate—ditto for most politicians. This is why they are “always” close to, or on the scene of a mass shooting that is about to get a lot of national media attention.

As the Devil’s advocate, lets contemplate that some very intelligent conspiracy investigators know (beyond a doubt) the mass shooting news reports as in Parkland Stoneman Douglas High School, Las Vegas Mandalay Bay, Orlando Pulse Club and Sandy Hook, and some others were faked “false flag operations”. This so-called conspiracy theory sounds shocking to most people for anyone to assert as much (but then most people do not do a lot of independent research, and more importantly they get their information from—the mainstream media that they trust as if some deified authority source). But one thing we can agree on is that all these events were “mediated” to the public via the mainstream media (MSM) at least initially so. Later these events would be re-interpreted from Internet citizen journalists commenting on red flags of the MSM, but still the MSM has dominated everyone of these events; and then only later did alternative voices and small voices create any interpretations and unfortunately too many alternative news sources (already established news websites of some prominence) on the Internet equally started putting out their own red herring stories that were equally disingenuous. Whereas other more revealing videos were disappeared from YouTube, etc.

All manner of emotional bullying is being used to quell voices in the wilderness who questions the official MSM narrative or even some alternative narratives that basically want to tie all these supposed killings to Muslims (allowing for the lies that so many people died). Just like no one can ever question anything about the Zionist interpretation of World War 2 no one can ever question the victimization of supposedly dead people—especially dead children or survivors. It is all a game of emotional blackmail and guilt-trips (while political agendas are being ginned up).

Apparently that is what really stultifies resolve in the West—guilt complexes and shaming. Meanwhile victimhood status always trumps any kind of alternative explanation. All one need do is where the victim status card. Who cares if America’s Bill of Right is further being shredded. After all most alternative news sights on both the left and the right did not dare tell the real truth as to who was behind 9/11 and how that propaganda event was used to start multiple wars for Israel in the Middle East. The corruption started back then with the so-called Patriot Act. But now the so-called terrorists are internal and so more and more surveillance is required including more and more formal psychiatric and psychological evaluations. See video:


Here in America we have become a soft lot. We have not had war on our own soil for a long time while we have enjoyed decades of prosperity. We have been able to hide from the truths as to how much we have basically bullied much of the entire world. To this day few Americans really cannot comprehend how much of the rest of the world wants to see our country fall—including are assumed partners in Europe and elsewhere—their prime calculus is how they can benefit in pretending to be with us—but like primate clans clash so to with empires. Further still most common people cannot understand the corruption levels have sold out much of the integrity levels of the people. We have relied too much of faith in our leaders and in our corrupted currency. We simply refuse to see how much we have been sold out. Our MSM had lulled us to sleep many years ago.

Most of us have simply not been instigated to be paranoid enough to question authority figures be they be religious, political or educational. We were too comfortable in this economic wonderland. Then entertainment, sports and consumption dominated our free time—save staring at the boob-tube. TV became our opioid. And yet we would find it difficult to understand how the Internet would be a further opioid for a younger generation. Yet how amazing the older TV news empire along with the political elite would soon legislate for more domination control of the new Internet media.

The creative common man was having a say in this new form of information power. Talk about an upstart threat! Did not the hoi polloi not know they stepped over New York’s and WDC’s line? Did they not know there was an established order of presumption of Who Is Who? There names are not in the green felt reference book. People who have never been anyone suddenly walking into the likes of Neiman Marcus stores. Can you imagine how the rich feel threatened? Who cares about how the middle class feel threatened. Naturally they will figure out a way to get divide and conquer by pitting various races and the sexes against each other as the rainbow coalition gets token paychecks as when they are bussed to cities to protest against the NRA.

The Las Vegas incident was so badly construed as an official story line they had to completely stop reporting on it pretty much entirely after about a week and half when the story was quickly unraveling and as the local Sheriff kept changing the account as it was too incongruous as a story. Thence came the juicy Hollywood Larry Weinstein (Democratic) scandal one week after Mandalay Bay and most completely forgot about Las Vegas (whereas Trump’s bid donor Sheldon Adelson controlled that newspaper that filtered out news about that false flag to MSM). Funny how that works.

Nevertheless this “staged” event is still referred to in justifying more gun restrictions (as are the other false flag operations) especially now with the highjacking of children and young teenagers with this latest media lie at Parkland Florida.

Few people are willing to challenge this “staged” event. Ninety nine (99%) percent of Americans bought it. Most of the big fish of the alternative alt-right media continued to report on red herring stories like multiple shooters, helicopters, shootings at other casinos—but few had the intellectual freedom to see it for what it was—one big fraud that had shooting sounds from sound systems and no killings or bullets on the huge concert arena containing 10,000 people and at least 7,000 cell phones. How many actual photos of real blood and mangled limbs can you find if you google “Mandalay bay shooting death injury” and click on images? Zero. If you have the stomach google “Gun shot wounds” or “assault weapon gun shot wounds” and click on images. These guns can cut off a limb. You can expect to see at least three or four quarts of blood for a first entry wound. Where is the blood? Where is the screaming of real dire pain. Even marines cry when they are shot in battle. Do Americans not realize how very, very very naive an vulnerable they are to all these lies? See video (and realize many videos have been censored as in disappeared—but some small group have figured they need to change to alternative video websites like BitChute):

Surely a lot of people heard shooting. Surely people were paid to run and start a stampede. Surely there were paid actors who helped stage the event. Surely there were people who thought the scenario was real?


And if you think this author doesn’t know what he is talking about checkout the following three sources for beginners (that is if you truly have an open mind and care about truth) but note many revealing videos and essays are being disappeared from the Internet:

Debbie Lusignan” specifically at her “BitChute” webpage (she is being banned at YouTube with her videos on both Las Vegas and Parkland). She used to refer to herself as Sane Progressive but when a bulk of the left ignored her very trenchant stuff she realized liberal today no longer truly means liberal.

Checkout “Jim Fetzer“—and expert on false flag operations—and also his books such as the one on Charlottesville (at moonrocksbooks.com) but especially his video talks on Sandy Hook, etc. —very interesting.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR8TB1yjmdg   This youtube could disappear quickly. The sane with below referral;


Equally “Wolfgang Halbig” (an expert on school safety and who wrote safety plans foschool emergencies). He has completely debunked the MSM accounts of both Sandy Hook and Parkland Fl. high school.

Americans we have all been played via the mainstream media (MSM) as “real events” in which multiple people have died or been seriously injured, and meanwhile the common denominator is that more and more news laws are proposed and passed to deny Americans the 2nd Amendment. This while more and more military weapons are being transferred to police and national guards under DOD Program 1033. And while we are slowly realizing how much of our own personal information is mined by government and corporations.

Protests on Washington DC did not blame Broward County Social Services, Sheriff Department or police authorities or the FBI for their latest patsy. Oh how much more Democratic and Mafia area can yah all find—say yah Miami?

No they blame the NRA and people who have never done anything illegal with a firearm. The total emphasis of the Democratic Party conspiracy is to focus on changing gun laws and nullifying the 2nd Amendment.

Generally speaking, 90% or so of Americans believe these shooting events and murders truly happened, and anyone who dares to challenge these narratives are labeled conspiracy theorists, and are excoriated as insensitive and insane.

Few dare to explicitly claim the mainstream media, and specific high-ranking members of the FBI, DHS, and specific players within local police as well as local political officials (despite Democrat fingerprints are everywhere) are lying via a highly coordinated conspiracy of lies meant to disenfranchise the American people of the right to bear arms for the purpose of protecting themselves against a government gone rogue. See this video on the importance of gun rights:


Lots of “citizen journalists” have realized the mainstream media is not doing its expected job and have come to do journalism on their MSM (mainstream media) journalism. Welcome to the latest Gutenberg revolution.


Naturally since mass shootings started to appear regularly here in the United States (and elsewhere in the West) as well as various bombings, in what seemed like abnormal levels of occurrence, and with seemingly political consequences, more intelligent of people started asking questions. The rate of mass shootings started to sky rocket in statistically aberrant manners. And political leaders were taking advantage of these events to erode the liberties of American citizens. After 9/11 new laws were passed—draconian and perpetual. News wars were started—draconian and perpetual. All manner of wreaking havoc on our Bill of Rights ensued.

So especially with the new powers of the Internet in the hands of citizens some started scouring mainstream media reporting, as in their own MSM footage, etc., plenty found many red flags to these mass shootings stories that are presented to the American public—often using “crisis actors” (actors paid to pretend victimhood and to lie to the American public—but surprisingly with very poor quality acting in which the reporting seems so uncannily canned and unprofessional—one has to wonder how they actually expected that the American people to be so naive and so asleep—and frankly the vast majority had been).

Google (but don’t use google search engine) “Steve Paddock Mandalay Bay hotel room photos” and click on images. Where are the thousands of expected empty cartridges? Why are dozens of automatic rifles weirdly laid on the floor (when he needed at most a couple of automatic guns)? Why does a photo of him laying on floor face up and looking shot in orally with blood on background carpet with some empty cartridges placed on the blood (as opposed to blood on the cartridges)? Why is not the hotel room door not full of bullet holes like we were told dozens of gun shots were directed through the door?

The contrast is as stark as imaginable. On one hand you have millions and millions of Americans who take the mainstream media as Gospel and on the other hand you have anywhere from a dozen to maybe a few hundred who argue that these events are not true at all. And further we have the Internet being scrubbed of ‘dissident’ points of view.

Checkout this video—no bullet damage anywhere, no blood! MUST SEE. MUST SEE.


Google:  “Marcio Jose Sanchez Associated Press Photos of Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting” and you can see all kinds of stuff left behind on the grass of the concert area but NO BLOOD!!  59 dead? Hundreds wounded from assault rifles? Green grass and no blood?

Check this photo out from the Denver Post (note takes about 15 seconds for it to load on Internet):


Whereas Orlando Pulse was so obviously faked with no deaths you could have easily showed from many citizen journalist videos what was up there? There are (or at least were many videos showing how faked that how scenario of deliberate CNN deceit was using real crisis actors and getting rich on aftermath charity drives based on fraud.

What do people imagine when they hear of 50 dead and another 52 wounded by an assault rifles? Do you not understand how much blood and body parts your talking about? Or 59 dead and 400 wounded at the killing field of Mandalay Bay (and empty cartridges supposedly to be found by the guns)? Or 17 dead and 15 wounded? You have no imagination to think what such a REAL SCENARIO would look and feel like?

There is no clearly identifiable MSM footage, or any cell phone footage of dead or wounded bodies—such as being loaded in ambulances? More like an adult victim is walked to an ambulance—no blood; another teenage victim loaded into an ambulance—no blood; footage of victims in school classrooms (including being carried and claiming being shot—no real blood let alone no real pain anguish screaming.

You watch this bull shoot video from CNN around the school and it is not anywhere close to the blood, chaos, and multiple bodies one would expect to see dead and wounded. In this article seems to be one of the few staging areas for MSM footage—no blood—very fishy?

All the footage added up at Parkland public high (and there is quite a bit) does not present any where close to what one would really witness had 17 children died and another 12 wounded.  At minimum you would have a dozen ambulances. At minimum you would have half dozen staging areas for those ambulances. It is the same amateur low budget production.


Whereas the idea that arming teachers or making schools no longer gun free zones will not fly with a large part of this population. This is not an argument that is going to stop more gun control or more naive Democrats from gaining more seats in Congress. It does not matter if it may makes sense. In fact it does not make sense. If teachers are armed there will be students who will make it a priority to steal such guns. Further teachers are under enormous stress from adolescent behavior including violent behavior as similar oppositional stress authority figures as police deal. Maybe teachers will start shooting students. The only guns in a school should be by trained security personal, police and maybe top administers.

Empathetic teachers, including many Americans, hate the very notion of guns, and trying to create a wild west is not going to work given the sophistication of deceit used by the left. Why should we think teachers great for such police work? This is a loosing attitude. You have to address the core issue—that the United States government and media and deep state have become so corrupt that they are actually faking these events to achieve a destruction of our civil liberties.


As there are several more obscure voices who intelligently PROVE that the MSM is lying to the American people about these staged shootings and that these DEEP STATE lies. These are all a very serious broach of trust between the political systems and the American people. As Debbie L. says—this is NOT about left versus right—both sides are being manipulated with prejudices—this is far more serious. Few understand how evil Homo sapiens can become in a history of war and conflictual times regardless of any spiritual realities or supernatural possibilities.

So while many contemporary people refer to satanism as alive and well in contemporary times they do not so much mean the ubiquitous truth that humans lies and that officials lie. They refer instead to a more Hollywood notion of Halloween on steroids. And yet the mundane reality of lies (disinformation) carries the potential for far greater evil than horrific crimes or gore ore a lone craze shooter.

If they are lying about mass shootings in Las Vegas and in Parkland Florida then there has to be reasons for this level of deceit against the common man—whether one owns a gun or not. Later we will need to look more closely at history as to potential realities. But at least watch the following video:

Innocents Betrayed – The True Story of Gun Control


[*Note:  Feel free to share, post, publish, email this anonymous essay. Permission granted.*]

[*Note: Anyone who is even an amateur student of “real history” knows human history is fraught with conspiracies. In fact conspiracies, including deadly conspiracies, such as hidden reasons for world wars, are one reoccurring pattern of history. We live in an evolving (or devolving) world of conflict and competition. Trust the cliche that all is fair in love and war—especially in these tumultuous and corrupt times. Conspiracy is as naturally true as is the very idea of secrecy itself—it is part of our human condition—even if some individuals, groups and cultures engage in it more than do other naive and innocent types. The origin (or etymology) of ‘conspire’ is from prefix ‘con’ (com = with) and Latin ‘spirare’ to breath, as in two or more individuals breathing together a plot (usually in secret to take advantage of some set of circumstances).*]

[*Note: Whereas “theory” is a natural part of human intelligence. The capacity to theorize is a basis of science and investigation work. What, for example, might be your theory as to why some ideas are labeled, derogatorily, “conspiracy theory” as somehow unworthy of further investigation? How does such a concept become pre-judging (as in prejudiced) in ways meant one should dismiss a particular allegation or line of argument that contradicts another allegation or line of argument? To ban certain voices that may seem improbably is all part of an enormous attack on free speech—in a very dangerous and precarious manner as part of concerted and stealthy attempts to destroy the American legal culture. Within this essay you will read one individualist giving some theory of Judeo-Christianity that will likely offend some readers of faith—this is not the intent. This is for serious examination of political conflicts today that are too often related to religious politics and conflict. This author was raised in a very religious family and still finds solace is some aspects of religious psychology. In a world of free speech all things can be questioned—even religious beliefs—especially if those beliefs are in fact hindering the ability of people to understand things of critical importance.*]

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