After Increasing Nat’l Debt a TRILLION in 6 Months, US Gov’t Just Gave Themselves a Massive Raise

Matt Agorist–This week, the US Congress passed the massive 1.3 trillion-dollar Omnibus spending bill. Then, early Friday morning, the Senate did the same thing. None of these politicians in Washington likely had any time to read it because the 2,200-page legislation was given to them only hours before they voted on it.

The Senate passed the proposal by a bipartisan 65-32 vote. The House approved the bill Thursday afternoon by a 256-167 vote with bipartisan backing. Exactly why this massive spending bill would receive such large bipartisan support by hundreds of politicians who never read it would be a mystery to those who don’t understand how broken Washington is.

However, to those paying attention, the reason is obvious—it gives the state more money. Both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate increased their own budgets in the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package.

The Senate alone increased its total salaries of officers and employees by $12.6 million.

As the Free Beacon reports,

Salaries of staffers in the Senate are also set for an increase. Division I of the legislation breaks down the total salaries of officers and employees, which are being raised from $182 million in 2017 to $194.8 million in the final bill, an increase of $12.58 million. The Senate also increased its expense account, as expense allowances are going from $177,000 to $192,000, an increase of $15,000.

It wasn’t just the Senate though. Every single government agency (except for the Government Publishing Office, which remains the same), has increased their department’s budget in this bill—to the tune of hundreds of millions.

When you allow people to vote themselves raises twice a year, what else would you expect?

These are the same people who just increased the national debt by a trillion dollars—in only six months. Last week, the national debt exceeded $21 trillion for the first time ever, a little more than six months after it hit first $20 trillion on Sept. 8, 2017.

These people are addicted to your tax revenue and their addiction is ensuring the future debt slavery of our great-great-grandchildren, and their children.

During a Tweetstorm Thursday night, as he tried to read as much of the bill as he could before he was forced to vote on it, Sen. Rand Paul pointed out some of the most ridiculous points he found in it so far.

According to Paul, the US government has become so disgustingly gluttonous that they spend $1.7 billion a year to maintain 770,000 EMPTY buildings—all the while, purchasing more property.

During a Tweetstorm Thursday night, as he tried to read as much of the bill as he could before he was forced to vote on it, Sen. Rand Paul pointed out some of the most ridiculous points he found in it so far.

As America college students dig themselves a never-ending pit of debt as they progress through higher education, the US is doling out tens of billions of dollars to pay for college in other countries as well as support their militaries.

Also contained in this bill is the legislation that has the potential to strip millions of law-abiding Americans, including veterans, of their 2nd Amendment rights.

As The Free Thought Project reported in December, the Fix NICS Act will pressure federal agencies and states to report as many names as possible to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, “making it only a matter of time before this list becomes so large that nearly any activity could serve to remove your Second Amendment rights.”

Although versions of the bill have been proposed in both the Senate and the House, and have received support from Republicans, Democrats and even the National Rifle Association, Rep. Thomas Massie warned that Congress will try to pass the Fix NICS Act by rolling it into another bill that looks harmless.

He was right, and both the House and the Senate have now passed it, hidden away in a massive raise for all of Washington.

Ah, but fret not free world, on Friday morning, Donald Trump said he is considering a veto of the spending bill.

The money pouring into foreign governments, the rights-violating gun control legislation, the bloated raises for an already-spoiled government, and the fact that it will add hundreds of billions more to the national debt in a very short time are areas where Trump seems most concerned. Just kidding. He’s fine with all that.

The reason Trump wants to veto the bill is that it doesn’t grant him the full amount of money he needs to turn America into East Berlin by constructing a useless and expensive wall along the US/Mexican border.

Apparently, freedom, fighting corruption, decreasing debt, and promoting the ideas of liberty all take a back seat to “muh wall.” Congratulations America, you are finally seeing what happens when we constantly vote in the lesser of two evils.

5 Replies to “After Increasing Nat’l Debt a TRILLION in 6 Months, US Gov’t Just Gave Themselves a Massive Raise

  1. Why isn’t the Bill made public and given plenty of time to read before the votes even begin? What happened to the government of the people, by the people and for the people.It is now all about themselves and the big money folks.

  2. The definition of fascism is when government and corporate interest align themselves together for the mutual benefit of one another at the expense of its citizens. This government is fascistic and corrupt to its core and the whole thing needs to be set aside and we need to start over.

  3. So Mr Trump, what happened to the $6 Trillion SURPLUS announced by Bill Clinton?
    Has somebody stolen it (Bush), or used it for something sinister like normal in the U.S.?

  4. Yeah, just to give you an hint, why does, when most of us have children, going to school, and if higher education is required, out from the neighborhood to other parts of the country, and then what sucks the cash, is housing, our Girl witch is finished, two masters, have an education bill, according to me, at state GDP level, paid most of that loan in/on housing, not living, education fees, no, housing, sucked 60-70% of that, thru 5 years of higher education, doctors I know of is even worse of, poor schmucks, some even regrets their education, even docs.
    I told Her to be an plumier, hehe, 3 years, an master grade witch means you can run your own company with the legal level of approving constructions, etc, to control and so on.
    25 years and you have your own comp, but hehe, f…. that.

    Then when you know, as I do, thousands of houses, buildings, factory building witch is easy to convert to small apartments etc, is empty, in every god dammed city, incl Oslo, when the rent cost is beyond bonkers.
    And the Gov. continues to feed and create housing bobbles thru been corrupt to their core, helping scums like Trump to create, when that never was necessary on the first place.
    Its an austerity, just hidden from plain sight.
    Artificial created bottle necks, do you understand that narrative, because thats what housing is this days, an massive scam.
    We need an paradigm shift, something more fundamental have to be done, how on earth is this even legal, how can Gov. do this, and we the people is butt f….. and have to build our future based upon living on an gangsters paradise.


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