Another Perspective On The Austin Bombing & Others That Mainstream Media Never Mentions

Arjun Walia–A man suspected of being behind several bombings in Texas has passed away after taking his life when police closed in on him. The suspect has been named as Mark Anthony Conditt.

According to authorities, the motive behind his bombings are still unknown.

Here’s a great summary of the incident from the New York Times:

“Law enforcement officials investigating one of the most brazen and deadly serial explosion cases in America in decades are struggling to read his bombs for any clues they can find. So far, five homemade explosive devices planted in packages and near sidewalks have detonated in Austin and near San Antonio this month, killing two people, wounding five.

On Tuesday morning, a sixth bomb, this one unexploded, forced the shutdown of a FedEx facility near Austin’s airport. Hours later, the authorities said, an old military device donated to a Goodwill store went off in an employee’s hands at a strip mall south of downtown, injuring a man in his 30s and setting off another scare in a city on edge. But officials determined it was not related to the earlier package bombings.” 

What’s Really Going On Here?

What’s really going on here? Who can really say for sure. There are several theories floating around out there, but none of which ever seem to be addressed by mainstream media.

Did you know that there is more than one mass shooting each day in America? It’s unbelievable and a problem that’s not really seen in other parts of the world as much as it is in America.

At the end of the day, there are people out there who would never take a life, no matter what the circumstance. Imagine a planet full of people like that. If that were the case, then that society would probably never even manufacture guns. Their consciousness wouldn’t create it, like ours has.

The truth is, there could be several different explanations, from the violence-inducing effects of psychiatric medications, family violence, the influence of pop culture (music, movies, video games, etc.), government mind-control, false flag fabricated events, gun control, heightening the national security state and more.

The bottom line is, major events that capture our attention often coincides with some shady activity going on that we don’t really know about. Be it in another country, or a shady bill being passed, who knows.

The perfect example of this is the war crimes committed in Kosovo by the United States that should’ve received international attention, but all of America’s eyes were on Columbine, which took place at the exact same time.

Another problem is that we never question what is happening, we simply, almost instantaneously, believe what we are hearing. Not only with mass shootings do we do this, but for major events. Just like what’s happened since 9/11, and how many people ‘woke up’ as a result of that event, and many others.

So, what’s the lesson here? It’s that what is actually happening in all of these cases is very unclear, and in order to get to the bottom of all of these events, constant questioning is required, especially when concerns are being raised that deserve serious attention.

3 Replies to “Another Perspective On The Austin Bombing & Others That Mainstream Media Never Mentions

  1. Yes. A deliberate diversion from the big screen TV in the DC sesspool. The deep sesspool. NK? Syria? Vatican? Russia? Bankster ? FED? China jaun Carlos pesos? Taiwan? Libor? Hollywood? Three letter agencies?

  2. This article says very little. It could be summed up with identical headline and content: “Austin Bombings? Who knows?”

    It’s an appeal to ignorance, where an appeal to investigation should be.

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