BRAIN DEAD: Nancy Pelosi has 23 glitches– in less than 6 minutes!

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey

Kyle Olson–Nancy Pelosi had a bear of a time making it through a 6-minute speech on Wednesday.

While honoring members of the Office of Strategic Services for their actions during World War II, the House Minority Leader suffered numerous brain glitches during the short remarks.

As compiled in a video by The American Mirror, Pelosi misspoke, repeated words, froze, or garbled words no less than 23 times during a speech that clocked in at about 5:33.

“Wow, wasn’t that great? Wasn’t that great? Oh my…” she began as she complimented a previous speaker at the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony.

She flubbed multiple words, like having trouble saying “strategic.”

“As the longest serving member of the Intell— Congressional Intelligence Committee, I know very well, but couldn’t possibly know as well as you…” she said.

She tripped over words.

“…to welcome you on behalf of so many of my colleagues, so many House colleagues, and Senate colleagues who are here,” later saying, “so f— uh, protect our troops,” and saying their heroism was protected from “the public— the American public.”

“During the darkness of World War II, the men and women of the OSS fought bravely— men andwomen,” she said, as if she hadn’t said “women”.

Pelosi said OSS members trained “French resistance force— resistance forces,” and that they arranged “saft” houses.

She added OSS women “are— were vital” to the Allies winning World War II.

After taking a deep breath mid-sentence, Pelosi got a large smile on her face, which proved to be very awkward timing.

“When OSS Bill Donovan— passed away,” she said strangely.

She complimented OSS members’ “brillance” and suffered a face spasm when she attempted to say “bestow”.

As more Democrats refuse to say whether they would support her as a leader in the future, it’s not hard to see why they have major reservations.

5 Replies to “BRAIN DEAD: Nancy Pelosi has 23 glitches– in less than 6 minutes!

  1. I realize this is politics, but it seems to me you are just mocking a poor old woman who should be in a nursing home instead of the US Senate.

  2. That treasonous vile old whore needs to be thrown into the street, stripped naked, horse-whipped mercilessly, rolled in pig shit and broken glass , and nailed to a rail and floated out to sea.

  3. There are literally more stringent employment requirements to work at Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s than in the United States senate. I would suggest random drug testing, but they would just doctor the results anyway.

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