By 2019, The First Bionic Kidney Will Discard The Need For Dialysis

Not always natural remedies are good for every health condition, no matter how good they are. Sometimes when the condition at kidney patients is serious, the only medical technology that can help is the dialysis. Without dialysis, patients may not survive, and what makes it even more difficult for those patients is the fact that there is always a long waiting list for transplantation. So far, there was no solution to this disease than getting a new kidney through transplantation.

But now, with the advance of the medical technology, soon there will be new solutions. Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco have created the first bionic kidney that can replace damaged kidneys. The bionic kidney can be put into the human body by plain surgery and so far it has been shown to work effectively with everyone. It consists several microchips that are working with the work of the heart. This bionic kidney filtrates toxins from the blood in the same way as human kidneys.


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