CBS set to bore us with Stormy Daniels interview…

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey

The CBS television bumper ads are all over, breathlessly promising us, I don’t know, maybe ecstasy, with their big, new, buxom interview, with, are you ready, Stormy Daniels, porn “star” extraordinaire who claims to have had an extra-marital affair with Donald Trump a decade ago and wants us all to know about it.

Pukeworthy. Who the heck cares what Trump did a decade ago? We all know he was randy then, what with his serial marriages and his framing of Marla Maples’s statement “Best Sex I Ever Had,” on the wall of his Trump building. We have been watching Trump for decades and we know all about this. Nobody is surprised in the least about it. And more to the point, we knew this and voted for him anyway. We know he’s not a perfect guy, that’s why his teaming up with Mike Pence (to maybe influence him a little) was such a good idea. It’s taken care of. It’s long ago. And we just don’t care. We elected Trump to defend our values, or, as Howie Carr put it, be our “bodyguard.”

But with ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ imploding, Antifa a washout, #MeToo a bigger embarrassment for the leftwing celebrity establishment than the conservatives, and sure enough, we get Stormy Daniels from the desperate-for-ratings mainstream press.

Here’s my take on the mess: Trump is a billionaire and seems to have had a divine-right-of-kings mentality around cheap women. He had a wife, and when he wanted, a mistress on the side. Between the mistress and himself (and maybe the wife, too, given the way he runs through wives), there was no soul relationship, no angst of being torn between two lovers, just some easy nookie from an inflatable blow-up doll imitation of a woman with her big plastic boob job. To us, it was just pukey.


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