Child Arrested for Sharing Photo of Toy Gun on Social Media That He Got for His Birthday

Rachel Blevins–A teenage boy was arrested and detained for the crime of posting a photo on social media of a toy gun he received as a birthday gift. Despite the fact that the photo included a “Warning” sticker on the gun, which stated that it was a toy, the student was suspended from school and treated as a criminal.

As a senior at Amity High Regional School, Zach Cassidento said he did not think he was doing anything wrong when he received a new airsoft gun for his birthday and posted a photo of it on Snapchat.

The toy was in Cassidento’s home and he did not have any intention of bringing it to school or using it harm anyone. In fact, the only message on the photo was the words “Have a Nice Day,” which were part of the gun’s design, and a warning sticker stating that it is a toy gun.

I didn’t want to put any words and someone misinterpret it as a threat so I figured I posted this picture on my own time, on my property,” Cassidento told WTNH News.

He also noted that his photo of the gun actually showed that it was empty and there were no bullets in the chamber.

“I took a picture. It was about halfway up the barrel of the gun. It showed the trigger. It showed the magazine. And it cut off just by the stock. It also showed the chamber open with no bullet in there and the warning sticker stating that it is a toy gun,” Cassidento said.

Then when Cassidento went to school, he said he was taken out of class and a school resource officer took his possessions and searched him for weapons after a student reported the photo to school authorities.

“They took my phone and my backpack and pulled me into the office, out into the hallway where the officer told me to put my hands out and he checked me,” Cassidento said.

The student’s mom, GraceAnne Cassidento, told WTNH that she was shocked when he heard how her son was treated, and she believes there was no malicious intent in his decision to share a photo of the toy gun with his friends.

He was arrested because he posted a picture of what he got for his birthday which is an airsoft gun,” Ms. Cassidento said. “If he would have gotten a skateboard he would have taken a picture of a skateboard.”

Ms. Cassidento also said the school failed to contact her to tell her that they apparently believed her son was planning to carry out a school shooting, and when they finally did call her, it was only to tell her that police were coming to search her home.

“They searched my son at school. They didn’t call me. they didn’t tell me what was going on. They did not call me until he’s already been arrested, searched, brought to the office, harassed,” Ms. Cassidento said. “Then they called me because I had to meet them at my home to have five officers come into my home and search my house.”

The paranoia over students posting photos of weapons on social media comes after Parkland shooting suspect Nickolas Cruz posted a number of photos of his collection of weapons on Instagram in the months before he shot and killed 17 students and teachers.

The case in Woodbridge also serves as a reminder that the school resource officer who arrested and searched Cassidento did so without fully evaluating the situation. As The Free Thought Project has reported, a number of school cops have been caught on camera harming students in recent years.

The sheriff’s deputy who was on duty at the high school in Parkland chose to wait outside of the school while children were murdered inside, instead of putting his own safety at risk. Former deputy Scot Peterson can be seen on surveillance footage standing outside of the building and refusing to go inside and confront the shooter, even after he said over his police radio, “Be advised we have possible, could be firecrackers, I think we have shots fired, possible shots fired—1200 building.”

Zach Cassidento was suspended from Amity Regional High School for one day for “disrupting the educational process,” and it remains to be seen whether police plan to release the footage of his arrest, or whether the Cassidento family plans to file a lawsuit after their son was treated like a criminal for sharing a non-threatening photo of a toy gun.

12 Replies to “Child Arrested for Sharing Photo of Toy Gun on Social Media That He Got for His Birthday

  1. Only a nit wit would have done anything like this over a photo, everyone envolved in this is not only a traitor to God almighty, they are traitors to the Constitution, they are traitors to mankind in general, and they are traitors to commen sense, and clear thinking, The mother I hope asked for a search warrant when they searched the house. The cops envolved are thugs, will do whatever asked or ordered for a paycheck, if there was a search warrant, the judge that issued it should be taken out, given a trial by twelve angry men, found guilty of treason and hung by the neck until dead. The school and staff involved in this should be removed immedietly and never given another job around other humans again. Perhaps as fire watchers in some lonely desert would fit them perfectly. These people should all be considered insane or completely brain dead. You trumatized a young boy, you upset an entire school most likely, you did more damage then good, you made a fool of yourselves, and the sad part is you will never know it.

  2. Does this mean that the school is monitoring all the students’ social media? A lot of schools are.
    Or are they training kids to turn people in when they see something that looks wrong?
    What are you learning to be when you grow up? A rat? That’s nice.

  3. More proof that the Parkland school shooting was an inside job used to push the gun confiscation. We all heard the stories of kids who bit a pop tart and it looks like a gun the student is questioned. MANY times this same story has happened. But a former student who was expelled for threats and had the police to his .hose DOZENS OF TIMES is able to go about his business. He posted about shooting up the school……but the soft air guns are what they go after.

    1. What I find more interesting is that no one is talking about:

      1. The other shooters, the video of 3 body armor guys carrying what appears to be a Body Bag, escorted out of the building by 2 cops

      2. Why did the US Secret Service visit the school 2 weeks before and change security protocols?

      3. Why does David Hogg’s graduation pic appear in the 2015 Redondo Shores High School album, in L.A.?

      4. Why is no one talking about David Hogg ACTUALLY BEING (conveniently…hmmmm) AT HOME WHEN THE ATTACK TOOK PLACE? Then peddling his bike to school to ‘partake’?

      5. Why did Hogg make whispering videos AS IF HE WAS THERE?

      6. Who was doing the shooting when the blonde girl was WITH Cruz, dressed in street clothes, heard gunfire?

      7. Why was there yet ANOTHER ‘live drill’ scheduled, and a Fire Drill conveniently pulled to get the kids into the hallways?

      8. Did the teacher who thought; “Why are the police here in armor?” when she was shot by someone “carrying a weapon I’d never seen before”.

      9. Like 9/11 at the Pentagon, 70 cameras – no one has seen inside.

      ~ Occams

    2. How is it that a kid posts ONE picture of an “Airsoft” and is pounced on and immediately arrested and suspended; while Cruz posted pics all over the net of REAL Firearms, was reported to the Sheriffs Office dozens of times, and was reported to the FBI, but no one EVER came for him?

  4. Welkom to za’ USSA, komrade

    When I was in 5th Grade, I brought my 16g over/under shotgun to school for Show & Tell. The principal sat in and later told me he loved my shotgun.

    MAGA!…or something.

  5. I am glad this is happening cause the people wanted this police state millions crying for the govt to do something well now they will see what criminal control freak coward cops are all about

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