Cops Torture Mentally Ill Man in Restraint Chair for 2 Days, Laugh as He Dies in Front of Them

Matt Agorist–Terrifying video of an in-custody death has recently been released confirming police officers tortured a man for days in a restraint chair and then laughed as he spent his final moments alive suffering in agony in his jail cell.

The footage, obtained by the San Luis Obispo Tribune, not only shows the graphic death of Andrew Holland in January 2017 but it also proves cops told the public a story that did not happen.

Holland was pronounced dead in his jail cell on Jan 22, 2017, only one hour after he was released from spending nearly two entire days strapped in a restraint chair. The Tribune received more than 100 hours of footage from the jail showing the horrific abuse Holland endured prior to his death.

Holland, 36, was a diagnosed schizophrenic who spent much of his adult life in and out of jail for minor offenses related to his mental illness. Prior to his death, he’d been locked up for resisting arrest. He spent most of this time locked in isolation in a tiny cell barely big enough for a twin mattress and a toilet.

According to the ‘official’ police report, Holland was “found unconscious and unresponsive” in his cell and prior to dying and he was “under the continual care of a physician” at the time. However, according to the video obtained by the Tribune, Holland was not unconscious at all. He was seen writhing in agony only moments before he lost consciousness and died. What’s more, no physician was constantly present during his 47 hours of torture. Had they been present, Holland may still be alive.

As the Tribune reports:

Jail video shows Holland striking himself in the face while sitting on his bed in the isolation cell around 6 p.m. on Jan. 20. Blood can be seen pooling on his mattress.

At about 6:30 p.m., a group of riot-armor-clad deputies and what appears to be jail medical staff transport a naked Holland face-down on a gurney to the jail’s main intake area and into a glass-door cell used to house intoxicated inmates.

Five minutes later, Holland is strapped into a plastic restraint chair.

He is left there for nearly two full days, with deputies and medical staff entering the cell every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to rotate his arms and legs and offer him a cup of water and food.

During Holland’s last moments alive, deputies can be seen laughing at multiple points during the video.

According to the county medical examiner, Holland died of “natural” causes due to a pulmonary embolism, when a blood clot traveled from his leg to his lungs. However, being tied to a chair for nearly two entire days creates the potential for blood clots to form, which can be fatal.

It is for this reason that official policy requires officers to regularly rotate an inmate’s extremities to prevent clotting. Disturbingly enough, although officers were seen moving his arms and legs, Holland was never allowed to stand up—even to use the bathroom—for 46 hours as he remained strapped in the chair.

Last week, County Administrative Officer Wade Horton released a statement and called the video “extremely painful to watch.”

“What happened to Andrew Holland was a tragedy that impacts our entire community,” Horton wrote. “Although we can’t bring Andrew back, our county has made and continues to make changes in response to this terrible event.”

These alleged ‘changes’ cannot happen fast enough. The San Luis Obispo County Jail has been responsible for a dozen in-custody deaths in just the last six years—which is three times the national average.

Exactly what this ‘change’ will consist of remains unclear as well. While the taxpayers of San Luis Obispo County have paid for the death of Andrew Holland—to the tune of $5 million—none of the officers seen in the disturbing footage below has received so much as a slap on the wrist.

8 Replies to “Cops Torture Mentally Ill Man in Restraint Chair for 2 Days, Laugh as He Dies in Front of Them

  1. Dear President Trump;

    Please send a Special Prosecutor to arrest and charge this grand example of Law Enforcement’s abuse of power, and Police Abuse, along with Civil and Human Rights Violations on a Disabled Person!!!
    We fear for our family members who are Special Needs and diagnosed with these illnesses and conditions who run the risk of being abused and manslaughtered or murdered by the very people who are supposed to protect them!
    In the meantime, perhaps the U.S. Marshal can arrest and charge the perpetrators who laughed at the victim as he died in their custody!

  2. You cannot expect justice in a totally corrupt system. One day, hopefully soon, the common folk will decide they’ve had enough pull their heads out of their asses, and get rid of these disgusting government employees.

  3. fricken psychos – aren’t the police suppose to help people like him. you know people that can’t help themselves. they didn’t even have the decency to cover him up even after he died. fricken psychos.

  4. DOJ’s Community Watch Groups work with contractors protected by FBI scum….and they have advanced military mind control technology used on US citizens everyday. Congress legalized torture of US citizens in 2006. Congress also legalized “entrapment” using S S S ( silent sound spectrum using subliminal programming). There is no oversight or interest in protecting any civil rights: and that’s policy for the last thirty years. You can thank SD US Attorneys: they also sanctioned numerous political murders and maimings of US citizens. FBI Minneapolis SAC, aSAC, and Sioux Falls, SD FBI rssa, have all ……..remained officially apathetic and disinterested for years???!!!! State laws were also violated to the sound of no interest by local pigs and punk “fuck you” prosecutors.

    1. Thomas, please tell me what act of congress legalised “entrapment” using subliminal programming. If you can’t, what are you up to, seemingly trying to “kookify” a thread about ordinary cops behaving badly into some grand conspiracy that most people will disbelieve?

      Why the need to kookify banal, systemic, authoritarian evil into something hard to believe? It does not help this poor guy, or the next victim.

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