Japanese Scientists Produce Enlightening Dark Matter Map

Although it has yet to be directly observed, dark matter is believed to comprise about eighty percent of the known universe. To understand why the expansion of the universe continues to accelerate, permanent efforts have been made to compile a detailed dark matter map.

A team of Japanese scientists have managed to create what they claim is the most comprehensive 3D map of the distribution of the universe’s dark matter, according to Science Daily.

Using the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, the researchers from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the University of Tokyo observed the gravitational lens effect caused by the light being bent by dark matter’s gravitational pull.

The observation helped them to finally compile what they said covers an area about 80 times that of the previous 3D dark matter map and features a higher resolution than any other similar map.

At the same time, the scientists underscored that all this is only 11 percent of the planned final 3D map showing dark matter distribution.

The new map shows, in particular, that the dark matter cluster numbers are smaller than expected and that the universe’s previous expansion was faster than current theoretical assessments.

An invisible substance which has yet to be directly observed, dark matter is thought to form a fundamental part of the universe.

Looking into dark matter distribution may add to our better understanding of the formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters as well as why the universe’s expansion shows sign of accelerating.

This article was reprinted with permission from sputniknews.com

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