Killer Mike Defends Gun Ownership in New NRA Video

Killer Mike has appeared in a new video from the NRA. In it, the Run the Jewels rapper sits down with NRATV host and gun rights activist Colion Noir to voice his support of gun ownership. “You can’t continue to be the lackey,” he said, referring to left-leaning individuals who tout anti-gun views. “You’re a lackey of the progressive movement, because you’ve never disagreed with the people who tell you what to do.” Later on, he says he discouraged his children from participating in the mass walkouts conducted by students in protest of gun violence. “I told my kids on the school walkout: ‘I love you—if you walk out that school, walk out my house…’ We are not a family that jumps on every single thing an ally of ours does, because some stuff we just don’t agree with.”

Mike closes the interview by saying, “We are raising a generation of kids where everyone gets a trophy. But in real life, everyone don’t get a trophy. In real life, the cops don’t come on time. In real life, depending on where you live, you’re not gonna have the time to try to logic your way out of something.” Check out the interview below.

The video was met with backlash, which Mike responded to on Twitter. He explained that he was speaking to black gun owners. “Voicing an opinion telling African Americans To own and train with fire arms in a country that allows public servants to kill them is stupid now… ok,” he wrote. “My point remains ‘Black People Own and train with ya fire arm becuz i don’t trust this country’.” Read some of his tweets below.


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